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Staring at this picture

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Author Comments

This song is dedicated to the girl I loved, and to the last night we went out together...
This is also dedicated to all the ones we need, and we had to lost...
The instrumental is K-dm's Desperation ( http://k-dm.newgrounds.co m/audio/ )
Sorry, quality is not perfect cause of my microphone :l ... And cause of my usual f***ing French accent X'D...

Lyrics :

1/ This is like the moonlight
Shining through the clouds
Is talking to me
Its voice's so loud

2/ It's like those points
In space, planets and stars
Are tring to remind me
My unforgetting scars

3/ It's like Mediteranean wind's
Bringing your voice
I'm feeling so guilty
But I hadn't the choice

4/ It's like the dark sky's
Reflecting my heart
It's like I see your eyes
Disable me to fly

Bridge :

Nowadays, I can't stop staring at this picture
It's like what I said to you was nothing but a failure
I feel the wound between us that I can not heal
I feel you won't forgive me, 'cause I'm no more real

5/ I remember this night
Together, we were alone
The only light on us
Created by your phone

6/ I slowly felt your lips
And your hand in mine
As your chest became closer
It would be the time

7/ We kissed each other
I took you close to me
So many tears fell
And crashed on my body

8/ I was so sorry
And I turned so slowly
Never see you again
Was too painfull to me

Bridge :

Nowadays, I can't stop staring at this picture
It's like what I said to you was nothing but a failure
I feel the wound between us that I can not heal
I feel you won't forgive me, 'cause I'm no more real
Nowadays, I can't stop staring at the photography
I took that afternoon, as you were smiling for me
It's like I just could turn back and meet you again
But reality's the only girl who 'll stay until the end
I often wonder why I never found the right words
I often wonder what I should have done, I was shattered
Often wonder how you can have trusted me so much
I often look at this picture, that I can only touch

9/ That is life, my baby,
People just move like muppets
We all meet and leave
And we all lose what we get

10/ All I did need to survive
Were your beautiful eyes
And to see you smiling
Your kisses made me fly

11/ That is life my baby
Sadness is so useless
Just remember my face
Before I face my madness

12/ Here is the end
I hope you loved this
Now I've told it to you
I can rest in peace...

Please, rate and comment !!!


great work

thanks for choosing my track for your song man.
the lyrics are great. they fit with the beat really well.
keep it up


One-Winged-Raven responds:

Thanks man :} For the next English song I'll use another of your wonderful tracks...


I'd have to say, compared to your last song (in english) This one is by far, way better! Your words are a lot more consistent, and the way you string out the syllables (though sometimes with a tad incorrect pronunciation, such as in 'photography') actually helps the piece because it works with the style that your accent creates. The treble sound in the vocals contrasts to the rest of the track really well, although as you said, a better microphone would've helped a lot, (I'd recommend an Audio-Technica AT 2020 USB condenser microphone, for two reasons, it's cheap, and it yields surprisingly good quality for a USB mic.

a couple comments on the lyrics:

In the beginning i would say 'for all the ones who made us feel alive', instead of 'for all the ones who made us alive.'
Also, I think your pronunciation of 'picture' could be improved. If you added (a little) more emphasis and anger to the first syllable and mushed the next one, it would sound better. like this 'PICshure' (also, try to make the transition from the c to the t smoother)

now, for some notes on the music:
I'd take the instrumental track and put it into your favorite editor, and then turn up the bass. A LOT! I think that your track would be significantly better if your beat was a lot more intrusive. A good solid 'THUMP' THUMP' would help.

Overall, I loved it! except for the bass, you only really need to change some technical stuff.

One-Winged-Raven responds:

Thanks, dude :} Yeah, I tried to avoid big English mistakes ^^ Next time I promise it will be better ! Obviously, I'll buy another mic, cause this one sucks T_T

For lyrics : Yep, I see what you mean. Prunonciation of "picture" need an improvement... And for the beat, I can't help : I didn't make the track...

Well thanks again man ! :D

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Credits & Info

4.03 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2010
6:54 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
File Info
2.6 MB
2 min 50 sec

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