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completed. this is a very chill track and im liking it a lot. leave me feedback and ill give you some, too. this is a low qual upload--go to soundcloud.com/p4c-1 for a high quality mp3.

the synths and stuff start at about :16 [the intro is meant to make it dj friendly]. the fun really kicks in at about 3:45. i think it ties together so beautifully *tears up*

if u review me, ill review you. simple as that ;)


Excellent Work!!

I really liked this song, it's pretty relaxing, and it's perfect to listen while you're in the Internet, I loved listening to it while I was reading and posting stuff in the BBS, the beats are very well syncronized, the instruments have a great sound, the drums fitted really well to the other instruments, the snts are working perfectly, they made a great beat, I just loved this song...

The quiet part was pretty cool, I liked it, the beat was cool, and it has a nice atmosphere, I really liked the animated parts, too, since they gave more life to the song...

As I said before, the song is pretty relaxing, I didn't see the time passing when I listened to this song, there a lot of soft beats, this contributed to the song. I think you have a great potential, man, keep it up w/ the good work, I wanna listen more songs from you...

(Review Request Club)

p4c responds:

sweet! im happy to see that i kept everything interesting the whole way through for a bunch of reviewers--still maintaining repetitiveness and the same themes throughout, without getting boring. i posted a little analysis of what i did on animith's review--check it out :)

oh, and go ahead and listen to more of them--ive posted a bunch over the past few years, and i think im getting a lot better now.

Review Request Club

Really aggressive drum beat to start, works really well and hits you head on, which is really cool; nothing more annoying than a good track with a weak beat to it. It's so agressive that even though by 0:40 not much else has happened, it doesn't feel repetitive. I also hear you've got a bit of lighter percussion at places, which is cool.

The bass, equally as aggressive and present, so already you've hit two out of the three boxes you need. And then right after, the synths come in. You've got a lot of mini-transitions between the new synths which all work really well. production values of the first 100 seconds are really nice. The break at 1:47 was a little too piercing for what came before, but that might just be me.
The buildup at 1:58 is really cool; it's simple, but very effective. The anticipation hits pretty much right away, and because it's quite a slow buildup it allows you to put in all these new synths and the like, as well as bringing in the pretty heavy drum beat very very slowly. When first saw the length of the track, I was worried it'd end up being quite repetitive, but thus far you've kept it very interesting.

I like how the drums have a kind of mini climax, but then it keeps building up a little further past that before kind of disappating into the air before the main theme comes back in again. The melody itself, though simple, is interesting enough to carry itself through the entire track, which is interesting. From about 3:45-4:45 you kind of have the same thing playing throughout, but because it's very well structured to start with, it doesn't drag at all, which is very nice to see in a track of this length. And the outro is again, quite heavy, but fittingly so, giving you a pretty powerful ending.

In general, you've got good production values and transitions, the buildups work well...I think it could still not be harmed by a little condensing, but as it is it works well, even when you had to compress it to get it onto Newgrounds in one piece. Nice solid work, overall.

-Review Request Club

p4c responds:

thanks! the line of the lead synth sounds fairly simple, but it actually relies on chords that have built in discordance - notes right next to each other, sevenths, the like. so it gives a simple sound while making a pretty memorable line. all the iterations of it throughout the entire song follow the same pattern but are transposed up and down. the most clever bit, i think, is that the pattern of the lead is the same in the build up and the climax of the second chorus of the song, but because the bassline and triplet support follows different chord progressions, it gives the same melody a different feel--and thus keeps you interested :)

i try to push for making the most tension i could, and i like to use relatively subdued lines that nonetheless make fairly strong emotional resonance. im glad to see it worked out for you :)

Really good

I like the percussion within the beat.
Your beat is pretty hefty i like that and i am going to aim for such power myself :D
I like this love the bells you got going on.
Very nice break on 1:48

10/10 5/5

p4c responds:

thanks for the thoughts! yeah, the beat is largely made from the vengeance essential club samples (and a little effects and stuff). check it out, it costs cash but the samples are a landmine :) i also used a set of house drum samples that came from a thread on acapellas4u.co.uk... have no idea where that thread is anymore, but if you're curious, i can send u the whole pack of wavs. send me a PM if you'd like!

and the bell sounds are actually just a simple square/saw synth with a short decay and no sustain, if you're curious. sometimes the simplest stuff sounds the strongest ;) i'm glad you liked it!

Excellent work.

I love this one. It's so smooth and, well, awesome. :D

Why can I not has the soundcloud version? :( I went to download it and i couldn't. I can download the one right below it, but that's it. I'd really like to get the higher-quality version, so is it up to you to let people download it from there? Or PM/email me the high quality version. Good work.

p4c responds:

yeah ill send you a link then :) its up to me but im trying to withhold it from giving free hq downloads bc it may get signed. but im glad you liked it :)


-Since you said it was a low quality upload I just had to check it out on your link.

-I will have to say it makes so much difference hearing it in it's full entirety and a downgraded version to fit here. It would be nice if the size limit was increased but it's very unlikely that will happen.

-There is so much variety in this song that you can click in two different parts of the song and they sound so different. I like that and it makes it so much more enjoyable to listen to.

-The intro and outro are my favorite parts for the sheer fact that they are so much different from the rest of the song and they both have their own melodic distinction compared to the big chunk of the song in the middle. I'm not saying that the middle was bad but I thought it had too many drop-offs from the flow of the song.

-Review Request Club

p4c responds:

haha yeah i totally understand what you mean. im not sure if by the intro and outro you mean when the beat kicks in, or when literally the very beginning and end, but definitely the parts where the beat are in full force are my favorites. im glad i made it varied enough to catch your attention, and thanks for the review! :)

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May 1, 2010
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