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p4c-nightlife [unfinished]

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this be some electro house, enjoy it. im not done, like most of my tracks since i get lazy on them, though i might finish this if you guys like it.

PUMP UP THE VOLUME HIGH ;) listen on! dont give up and blam in the first 5 seconds, please. it gets better later on, mainly at :41.

BTW, my policy is this: if you review me, i'll review you, and ill be reviewing around in hopes that that one wonderful person will do the same.
AND, save me from blammers! ive already got blammed twice out of 6 votes, and i definately symphathize with all those ppl whose bbs posts are banned out of existance. thx guys.

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dude... this stuff is amazing.

i hadn't heard anything from you in a long time, and when i check back here on your page, im amazed. when this started out im like oh boy, not another benny benassi mix, but then things started building. i would say take out the sidestick thing in the beginning, or master it much differently. the bass is just pushing it on the distortion though, idk what to think there. its a wicked riff, so don't get me wrong. the intro to the main part at 0:41 is really intense and you pulled it off well. the balancing of sounds at the climax was successful. but the thing that was really killing me and idk if anyone else mentioned this, but the pads in the bg are slightly off rhythm, and it's just ruining the climax, take it back like a 16th or two back and see how it sounds.
5/5 you need to finish this!


p4c responds:

yah now that i listen to it, the sidechaining is a little slow. i can fix that later

i keep on telling myself ill finish this, and i never doooooo... aHhhHHH! ill see haha

Quality dirt-house..

Love the dirty saw/bassline
That sort of.. high pitch wub effect you do with it too is well done.
That sort of thing I need to learn how to do.
Everything comes together well.. except those beeps at the end of every bar get a tad monotonous (not that I can talk..)
Hit me up in a week or so when i've got some tracks up ;D.

p4c responds:

hehe, will do. yeah i need to find a healthier balance for placing those blips, i think i can make them a central part of the song with glitching but maybe i shouldnt use it the entire time? hehe

ill check back then, then. welcome to the clubbbb


As soon as it started, the glitchy "inyourface" single kick got my attention. It's solid and powerful, and leads into the more meaty part of the song. I also enjoy the synths you got there! You can get a lot of places with those synths. Sounds raw.

5/5 :D

p4c responds:

hehe i need to finish this. but first i need to finish another track. and it also has a really dirty feel, so maybe u'll like it when im done :) peace for now.

[ill check out your stuff later today.]

Neat effects. :D

I've listened to 3 of your songs so far, and they seem to be very different from the typical songs on Newgrounds. I wasn't sure if I liked this at first, but when it hit 0:45, I got happy. :P What software do you use to make your music?

The dirty sounding bass and high pitched beeping noises really gave the song a good feeling, its name suits it well. It reminds me of the kind of feel you get in a nightclub.

I noticed the strange synth at 1:07 around the 2nd/3rd time I listened, and I liked the feel that it gave the song, but it ended early (probably because the song is unfinished), but I feel that it should go on further to develop the song even more.


p4c responds:

yeah, i started this and posted this up a while back but then just lost the urge to finish it, but it seems like it was really well received... maybe ill come back :) ill see.

thanks for listening thru, btw, haha too many ppl here just stop. the strange synth was actually some crazy fx processing on the bass. it was definately going to get more intensely active in concept but i just stopped haha. thx for lookin!

oh, and i use propellerheads reason 4.


Yet again, I know nothing of house. That synth at 0:40 and the other times sounds too loud to me (not too much a problem because it doesn't go on for ever), although I LOVE the part after that, sounds amazing.
I hate those noobs who only listen to the first 5 secs of the song then decide to give a bad review/vote, its just childish. There should be something to help prevent this (there may be but ITS NOT WORKING o.O).
Yeah, 5/5 10/10 faved. If you aren't already, you should be selling stuff soon/by now, thats how good I think yer music is.
But... yeah great song, caught my interest.

p4c responds:

hehe yeah those people suckkkk! and im pretty sure there isnt lol. thanks for the thoughts? maybe i will start selling... i'll see. hehe, for now ng is my home though, so don't fear. :)

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Jun 13, 2008
7:48 PM EDT
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