[MC Crispy] - Real Times

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A new Mic for Christmas and this is my latest Freestyle. Its hard to hear lyrics mainly cuz its all mumbled.. but with some some practice ive managed to managed breathing better... and the whole track better.

i will make a track with real Lyrics that have been written out before soon.
Thanks a lot if you reviewed.

--Beat from Shadowville.c om


nice dude

I listened to that battle again. you better keep rapping man, this tracks a couple months old, so get something new out. dope freestyle man, but try writing about stuff you've never heard in rap before, try to develop a style. In a couple of years you'll look back on this track and be amazed at how much better you are haha
get a notebook and start writing rhymes. It only helps. Writtens are the weapon, freestyles sharpen the sword. For 13, your pretty good man. keep at it for sure.

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chrisG755 responds:

Hey dude.. yeah nice battle we had and im hoping you'll be wining the competition!

And yeah i have got better and better recently and i'll hopefully be bringing out a new freestyle!

Thanks again.


I'm actually surprised. This wasn't too bad. You're a pretty kosher freestyle artist, it would seem. Still need to work on 'finding your voice', but that can only come thru practice. You've got mad potential man. Keep it up.

Background noise removal - Either turn down your mic sensitivity to cut out that excess white noise that makes it sound like you're rapping in your bedroom or use a plug in such as Noise Removal on Audacity.

Mixing: Look into Compression and Equalization. I think these two things will really help you out a lot and make your tracks sound exponentially better. Even if they're freestyles.

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chrisG755 responds:

Wow.. a real Rapper gave me a 7 woo.

i understand.

As well as equalization i understand i will check it out and definitely use it fully.
It dos sound as if im rapping in my bedroom well kitchen but yeah hopefully i'll get a more realistic recording.

thanks a lot i believe i am good at freestyling and i'll continue with rapping and making proper tracks with you guys help.. thanks again.


Upper class rapper

I love the way that you pulled yourself back out of the 'ghetto' language and then gave the shout out to all of your friends, because they all know that you don't really talk like this.

I think that you've paced the rap pretty well to the beat, but there is still work that needs to be done there - tone the music down slightly and concentrate on your voice. More practice is needed to work your way up to showing us that you can control your own pace - it varies too much through the track to work properly.

[Review Request Club]

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chrisG755 responds:

thanks for the review.

Its true i may rap about living in the hood and shooting people.. but in freestyle rap its the easiest words that Rhyme. but then again i wasn't really brought up to swear and be an idiot and act like i own everything.. but, I'm not rich or posh either just middle class..

but anyway who wouldn't want posh sounding rapper?

anyway. i will definitely turn the music down. In my old raps with the bad mic i was told the beat was to quiet, but now i know where to put the sound level.
i also understand what you mean by working my pace. i need more focus.

-Chris from the HOOD (estate)



The lyrics are pretty good,
however you need dish out your rhymes in a more fluent fashion,
as well as work on the background music.

Still it was a good attempt.

- Celx
~Review Request Club~

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chrisG755 responds:

thanks for the review.

i understand what you mean about the backing track.. i can get a better track.
if you mean that i need to change my voice to sound more fluent when rhyming then i understand.

Thanks for positive and helpful comments.


A lot better

This actually sounds a lot better than your last one which contained quite terrible audio quality, glad to see you have improved this time around, great job you did. That new mic seems to have helped you a lot.

Beat: Sounds rather simple and cheesy, why not make your own the next time around? See what kind of beat you can make it.

Vocals: Sounds pretty good actually, possibly post lyrics for people who can't understand what you're saying at all.

Overall: This can't really improve actually, nice job.

Review Request Club


chrisG755 responds:

thanks for the review.

I agree the track is quite simple but i suppose its a easy beat for me to rap to. i could try making my own beat but don't have that sorta program.
I have tried before on Mixcraft.. FL Studio.. Cubase Essential.. and i was ok, but nothing amazing. but if it helps my track, i will try.

Vocals: yeah i understand, this is a freestyle rap and a lot of Lyrics even i cant make out now. i have tried to sit down and right a track properly but it doesn't flow as well as freestyle. i really need to work on writing songs.

Thank you soooooo MUCH! you guys on NG have helped a lot i will implement your Suggestions.. thank you again.


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Dec 28, 2009
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