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Violin_Liberation [Box-Killa]

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For Contest...


Software used...

Edirol orchestra
Fl Studio


A Classical Song about a tyrant who rose to power over a kingdom by evil and unconstitutional means. The name Violin liberation is sort of an oxymoron to that idea.

Tempo 380
Only 5 Synths, 3 Midi's from edirol
10 effects, around 2 on each instrument.

Bass Drum
Snare/Marching Drum
Brass Ensemble

Edit: Up'ed the quality, so you will need quick time to import it into flash unless you can reduce the quality somehow

Also Changed up some of the arrangement and the instruments, and made the levels right :D

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viola! :o

Its like fusing Chuck Norris and tango...

very cool

The composition is really cool, it's really got attitude. I think the strongest part of the entire song is 0:30 to 0:55 (and any other similar parts). The staccato quarter notes resemble a military march, right. Very clever. Fits very well with the "evil king" concept, maybe not for a dead serious movie though. Perhaps if the evil king in reality is manic depressive with a low self esteem.

The instruments are a bit harsh sounding for my taste. It would be more pleasant is the string instruments were softer, but then again you might've made them harsh like that to fit the theme. I think the piano is the weak link in the song. It's got a very plain sound, and it's obvious that it's programmed or at least strictly quantized. It sounds good in the mix, but kinda dull when playing solo. I'd have a look at that and try to "humanize" the solo melodies a bit if I were you.

Really enjoyed the song though, great base idea and a good execution.

(lol at penguin sam and his bass)

Box-Killa responds:

Yeah I actually quantized and changed the length of the notes by a small amount, I suppose It is just not noticeable enough.

Yeah the violin was trouble, I ended up just using nexus because I couldn't find anything which sounded nice but still had a military sort of feel.

XD Thanks for the review!


Really sounds like tango at some points. Very unique and cool. A tyrant? Yeah.... Sounds like he's really serious at times, and really flamboyant at others. This song also loops quite well. 10/10 5/5!

Really mean-sounding strings.


OH MAN, I really want to give this a 9 or 10, but I can't! There is not enough bass in this song, and it is driving me crazy!!

I understand that there are several moments in this piece where there is no need for bass, but a the full orchestrated hits, the chords are needing those lovely bass notes.

I hear some bass near the begining, but after about halfway through, it just disapears! The bass would really help with the images of a tyrant and power.

I do love the melodies, rhythms, and tonalities that are used, they are beautiful! And they do create the images that you are aiming after. And the overall mood of the piece is very enjoyable as well.

However, you need more bass! Bass is very pleasing to the ear, and is loved by many people in several styles of music (think of a car blasting music, all you can hear is bass!).

So PLEASE, add bass to this song! Those lovely low notes will really increase the overall effect and power of this piece. I want to love this piece, but it saying "oh hello, please like me if it isn't too much of a hassle" instead of "LOVE ME!!!!!!" That will really give me a run for my money in the contest. ;)


Box-Killa responds:

lol it isnt like a techno song, i cant just chuck a sick reese bass in there LOL.Yeah thanks, i understand what u mean though lol.

Spot on !

Reminded me a lot of the those music tracks for the old silent films. It contains lots of expressivity and imagination. At first I was a bit reluctant about the quality of the violin synth, but as the whole orchestration came into play I saw the big picture, so to speak. The themes you were aiming for are definetly there, and the song as a whole provides a refreshing and pleasing listen. Congratulations, and good luck at the contest !

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4.69 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2009
1:24 AM EST
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