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Ok guys, I have started a collection of songs known as Piano Force, this is the 3rd song of the series, as seen in the title. This piece has taken a while, since I started it 3 weeks ago, and came back to it and added another 2 mins. Most of it is just doodling with the piano roll, lol, but it sounds awesome. I hope you like the change of moods in the song, although it all sorta stays on the minor side of things, it does kinda change, esspecially the end. The things i found hard was linking the part I made 3 weeks ago and the part I made now. You may notice a change of flow in the second half :D I hope you like the ending to this song, It sorta sounds cool, but that chord at the end lol, kinda screwed up, but still sounds cool. :D Enjoy!

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if i ever make a game, i might use this song as the main theme


is this your own songwriting? if it is, its great! i love it!

Box-Killa responds:


Sorry to ruin your perfect 10 RRC score, but...

...Not enough to give you a 10 :P. This is a really really cool song, showing what a piano can do, but I don't think this song is being played to its full potential.

The melodies are all perfect, when it comes to melodies, there are no problems. Lol, generic awesomeness at 1:06 XD. Loved the really fast paced piano notes around the middle of the song, it's hard to achieve such a good amount of melodies with such fast paced rythm. I liked the melody that came somewhere around 0:45, had that medieval feel to it, if you get what I mean. I liked that you changed the dynamics in the song every now and again, but a few more tempo changes like the one you did at the very end would work out well here.

I said it before in your other Piano Force, and I'll say it again. Man, this does need other instruments. Something like a synth bass, maybe some bells and choirs, with a few drums; just a few things to accompany the piano so that it can still retain the name 'Piano Force' but won't be just piano only, since it does sometimes get a little boring. Maybe you can try and submit another version of this with other instruments? Also, you really should do that idea I mentioned in the other review of a part where there's a delayed whisper saying 'Piano Force' :P.

Transitions are on the whole quite good. I just didn't like the one at 2:38. It was too rough and abrupt. Also, I'm not much of a fan of the 10 seconds of silence you put before the generic part. You should fill it up with some piano bass notes, or expand the crescendo to fill up all of the silence. Structure and variety concern me a little here too. This was quite a random song, with new melodies popping up all over the place. It's a little hard to keep track of the song when the structure is all over the place. True, it didn't get boring, but you should give a try at making a chorus which plays a few times throughout the song.

Intro was really cool, with those two high pitched notes playing in the background, sort of giving a dangerous theme to the beginning. Ending was awesome too. Man, that chord really caught me by surprise :P. It's always great hearing something new for endings other than a simple fade or something, and man, this chord is like the most unique and craziest I've heard in a big while. EVIL CHORDS FTW :D :D :D.

Again, sorry for the all 10 score from the members ruined. This was a really cool song, but a little too random for my tastes, and it had a few rough transitions, plus a lack of instruments too. Loved the melodies though, and the intro and outro are so awesome. I'd love to hear a V2 with more instruments :D. Keep up the good work.

-Review Request Club-

Box-Killa responds:

Hmmm, I could just make an entirely new song that has other instruments lol, Maybe I should do that instead. Yeah the transitions are a bit rough sometimes, I suppose you could expect that from the change of modes. :D Thanks for the review

Great range!

Wow, this really does go to show just how massive a range and how much power the piano itself contains and how a talented musician such as yourself can unlock this potential.

I love the way that you go through various feelings with this game, from suspenseful, to fast paced drama, all with the strength of the piano alone. You've given us such a wonderful piece, that words are starting to fail me for ways to describe this.

I think that you could have gotten closer to the pace for the finish to the start, thus enabling you to progress with a more integrated loop.

[Review Request Club]

MY GAWD! That's brilliant!

This is such a cool piece of music. It sounds mischievous and cheeky at the beginning adn then it moves on to dark and spooky. It makes me imagine a cheeky kid getting lost in the woods and being chased by all the night creatures.

Even for a piano only song thsi is great. Nice work.

Overall, it looks like u put a hell of a lot of work into it so u deserve my ten.

-Review Request Club-

Box-Killa responds:

haha thanks yea, I spent a good amount of time making this. The mood changes quite a bit :D Thanks for the review darky

Hope you dont mind me calling you darky, darky.

Thanks again!

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Oct 23, 2009
11:28 AM EDT
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