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Headed For Hell

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Author Comments

2009. Sinima Production

Now I live the life that I live, and I aint gone change for no one
You don't have to love me or even like me, just keep on walking
Now I do the things that I do, best believe I'm a stay J-Kellz
If you don't like how I live, keep it to yourself
I'll take it up with the devil cus I'm headed for hell

Verse 1:
I came out the womb with my heart and fist pounding
March 2nd 88, 10 pounds 8 ounces
Astounding how, my dick bounced around
As an infant, god damnt you should look at me now
Pacifiers and blankets I wasn't luggin around
Gin and juice in my bottle got me chuggin it down
Had that hottest chick in preschool shaking that ass
No class since first grade, fake hall pass
White trash, disruptions got my teachers stressed
Everyday same story no recess for Jeff
Back on the brick wall, no playground baby
But that didn't hold me back, I don't stay down baby
And I've never met a dork I didn't torment every moment
Always joking, poking fun, worst kid since the omen
Perfect storm in human form causing chaos on the daily
Aint a person on this planet that could ever fuckin change me

Verse 2:
You can tell that I'm coming by the sound of my voice
You can tell I'm a hoodlum by my outfit choice
Stay drunk 24-7 endless power hours
Sour diesel got me cloudy, never out of white powder
Rowdier than Roddy Piper, I'm the type to get real hyper
Lighting cop cars on fire, I'm a riot igniter
40 bottle after bottle, grey goose by the gallon
Dgaf that's the motto, down more shots than Ray Allen
I'm a loud ass Italian, stylish Irish
Blood shot iris, wild and childish
A real fucking dick, laugh at senior citizens
And little kids who aint got shit and can't live how I live
Public enemy, whip, candy painted Infiniti
All the shit I've done so far, god aint never forgivin me
So, fuck it, I'mma stay like this
The epitome of evil, bitch, suck my dick

Verse 3:
It's like Jesus Christ, you faggots need a life
Loosen up a little bit, put some weed in a pipe
And fuckin smoke it, go loco you homos
The dro I toke puts folks in chokeholds
So fall back, don't judge me Judy
Cus I live my life like a porno movie
When it's all said and done, just remember this soldier
Aint burnin in hell, I'm fuckin takin it over

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wow that is some good shit

you 1 of the best on ng right now kid


havent listened to shit on NG in awhile, cant wait for the album to drop, still spitten fire kellz, turn the volume up on the first chorus though, cant hear that shit. keep doin work negro


likin da beat but too much gun cocking and da bars are dutty

Fucking amazing.

so much of the shit on this site is fake techno shit that some lame ass kid made in an hour. Some songs here get good popularity and deserves it.
This now, Absolutely deserves it. I cant believe this is on this site! This sounds better than the majority of that dumb shit that goes to the radio, Top charts, international fame and all that. Props to you keeping shit real man. :]

Unexpected Niceness

Now, I never try to listen to beats with lyrics because although the beat maybe tight, the lyrics suck. You don't have lyrics if you don't have flow, style, and CONTENT. Many dudes be putting out nonsensical raps and expect people to enjoy it. I understand it's Newgrounds and you can put out crap just to put it out, but the Hip hop culture was founded on "PAIN." Back in the Bronx, NY, hip hop began and KRS-One (and others like Nas) schooled us on that hip hop is the expression of pain thru rap-story. You have to put your pain (e.g. realness) on the track, not just mumbo jumble. You don't have to be a thug to express "realness" on a track. Even when you are just sparring/experimenting with your lyrical ability, you must reflect pain and honor that prime rule of hip hop if you want to be considered an artist and part of the culture; if not, then you're wasting your time and should consider the 9 to 5 option. I commend your work, although I do not know your background, I do hear the realness in your work, so I hope you are true. Stay true to your work, don't ever be fake, and keep pushing yourself. I also highly respect that you was not afraid to post your lyrics...it may me better understand your story and it showed that you attempted to provide CONTENT; I believe that you were successful your attempt. I'm a nobody, but this nobody is stating that your lyrical ability has set the bar in Newgrounds...all you other cats suck for real. By the way, from your ability, I believe you are a fan of the rapper Nas; however, your alias tells me that you also like Jay-Z. At any rate, those two are good idols to follow, particularly Nas with his content, style/flow, and lyrical ability; Jay is a good idol to dictate your marketing. I salute you and you're the first dude who rapped for Newgrounds that I had actually downloaded.

Nas on the track, "Soundtrack to the Streets":

"My antidote to the dope add drugs in the party
pistol-whippin your body, lyrical oddessey.
Y'all ain't smoke real shit less y'all smokin with me,
and y'all ain't heard real shit, til you heard it from me.
Escobar, I toasted with Frank White (Notorious BIG), to this new era
of gangster life, slangin words in the mic.
Thanks to the life, I urge y'all to write pain..."

Nas on "Eye for an Eye Freestyle":

"A Drug dealers dream - flip his last Ki out the game,
'cause entertainment money now is off the chain.
I put blunts in n***as caskets, lost in the game;
I learned to love pain, bodies burnt in drug game.
But I'm neva gon' die, I neva heard of death,
energy could neva be destroyed
only the flesh So when you n***as try to murder me
with bullets to my head,
this is my you can't kill me n***as
I'm already dead, BRING IT!!"

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4.72 / 5.00

Jul 27, 2009
1:28 PM EDT
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6.1 MB
3 min 21 sec

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