Sick and Twisted

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2008. Shadowville Productions

This rap attack comes automatic
I'm a savage bashing faggots backs in
Gotta black backwards hat that match the gat
Prepare for action when I'm blasting back
I gotta backpack strapped with c4 bombs
Use an axe to detach your legs and arms
Causin bodily harm I'm a fuckin problem
Hammer nails in your hands like fuckin stigmata
Im hotter than lava, molten rock
OxyContin in her veins when she stroking my cock
I box flocks of chumps with cement fists
I make a faggot ass bitch repent his sins
Take a bat to his head and dent it in
I'm a serial killer fuckin veteran
And I'm better when, prescription medicine
Is flowin thru my body when I let it in

I'm sick and twisted I'm living with vivid visions
Of monsters that just don't stop they haunting me, can you help me now

1 shot 2 shot 3 shot 4
More dead people on the fuckin floor
I don't support the war I'm in a war of my own
I don't know why I'm sleepin in a strangers home
And I'm bowlin with their domes, drummin with bones
Hummin tones of their screams like hmm hmm ohhh
I got a gang of thangs make me go insane
Using hangars and fangs to rearrange your brains
You think you got some hope but you don't
I use your intestines as a jump rope hoe
I go loco, put blades on yoyos
And swing em around in the middle of Tokyo
Slit throats make you choke on your own blood
Cus when it comes to pain I feel love
I don't use no gloves I leave finger prints
So they know who did it then come to my crib


I got dreams of things that are so obscene
If you see them you scream but for me there serene
One thing that I find exquisite
Kill one hundred midgets in one hundred minutes
One time I did it, it was quite the function
I punctured these punks like humpty munchkins
I dumped the bodies in a tub slumped up
Then made love to a slut in fucked up dumpster
Humped herman munster at a monster convention
Then took a rusty wrench to his trusty henchman
Did I mention I howl at the moon
I belong in a jacket in a padded room
But you can't consume the doom I went thru
To croon these tunes to you now I resume
With that boom boom bam hot damn I'm the man
With the plan understand that I can but you cant


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Rap? Kill it! Kill it now! This song? :D

I hate rap. I'm a metalhead, and the only 'rap' song I like is Eminem- The Real Slim Shady. But this is awesome!

Not a Rap Fan, But This is Epic

This was one of the best rap songs I've ever had the pleasure of listening to, Professional or Underground. You've got some amazing skills, man. I hope that you get the recognistion that you deserve and manage to go places. 5/5 10/10 for you, you brilliant bastard!


U reduced my house to its foundations...
lolz! u da man!!!

Dang, brother!

Your rap talent is something I can only dream of. Sure, I can write lyrics...but I can't rap worth a frick! Keep bouncin' them tunes out, brother! Peace!

- Jake Alexis Steele

very fresh

This goes into the Wicked Shit catagory man, seriously this is fresh as hell, i bump this in my car an shit. the beat's tight, ur writing is talented, 10 outta 10 homeboy

J-Kellz responds:

thanks a lot man

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Feb 4, 2008
5:39 PM EST
Hip Hop - Modern
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