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2009. Anno Domini Production ft/Snakebite
song about the biggest badass in america, if u dont know, now u know
this song is not to be taken seriously u lil faggots

You aint never met a kid harder than Snake Bite
I heard thru the grapevine he's got an irate mind
I recommend you don't test the one man gang
Step up to the king, and you getting the fangs

Verse 1 (Kellz):
They call him Snake Bite, but you can call him the man
Anaconda on his back, with a gun in his hands
Some say he's a myth, others call him a legend
But I've seen him in person, he's half god half weapon
Can't explain it, I know you can't tame his insaneness
I've seen him rip a mans brain out his anus
Snake wasn't born normal, this we're told
When Irving came, he was the only sperm in the load
He kicked their ass to beat the odds, he had to make it to earth
So one day he could meet god and reclaim his turf
He's a rebel with a cause, made the devil shit his draws
He aint never met a law that held him back from his job
Sit and listen I aint bullshitting making up fiction
But this kid got bitches hissing when he walks in their vision
Superstitious, don't say his name three times
Or you'll be looking down the barrel of a fully loaded nine

Verse 2 (Kellz):
They call him Snake Bite, a straight g by nature
Came kicking out the womb rocking leather gators
If I was you, I wouldn't look him in the eye
And no matter what he says muthafucka don't reply
It aint speak when spoken to, it's listen or die
He don't need a gun to make you fuckin reach for the sky
You know he's venomous, vindictive and vicious, malicious visions
Leaving everybody trippin when they witness his precision
Face to face with him aint a predicament I'm tryin to get in
Within a minute remove my ligaments, while he grinning
Leave my head spinning dizzy from the blood that's missing
But aint no cops coming, they aint fuckin tripping
They know better then to step in the carnage
Regardless of the circumstances, they know they goners
There's nothing they can do about the situation
You aint seen him before? Then you don't what you're facing

Verse 3 (Snake):
They call me Snakebite reppin it here in Connecticut
Badass mutha fucker with no damn etiquette
Sportin a jacket that's strait out your tax bracket
Made of gator leather with fangs on the back of it
Many wonder why im known as snakebite
The truth is I turn every fight into a grave site
Stormin through a crowd like a beam of light
Swinging my arms in circles mid flight
When everything is said and done I slither out of sight
Been known to kill a bitch in a pillow fight
Its not too often you get a chance to be in the presence of greatness
At first glance you shit your pants cause you know what my name is.

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cool song

cool song except for verse 3

Cool man!

Badass song.


Haha I love this, props. This should be on the first page.

Snakebite sounds like a badass homie g but..

..he can't rap for shit apparently. The first two verses were sick though, I like it.


Rude Muzik.

Keep it up.

4/5 7/10

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4.63 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2009
1:42 PM EST
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