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Detective Jazz Loop 1

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A short track suiting for detective stories, jazz style of the 40s or 50s.

Track composed and recorded by Mihai Sorohan 2009.
Gear used:
- trumpet Bb Amati ATR213
- microphone Oktava MK 319
- preamp Art Tube MP Project Series
- midi controller M-Audio Radium 49
- soundcard M-Audio Delta Audiophile 192

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Yeah :)

Great one! Very groovy man :)

sorohanro responds:

Thanks :)

I'm sorry man...

I'm an ENORMOUS fan of your movie "Obstacle", but I really didn't like this. It lacks in originality, creativity, uniqueness, everything that matters in an audio submission. Quite frankly it sounds like any kind of generic detective music you can get for free in the public domain. I feel bad talking shit, but I'm being honest. I ADORE your movie, but where you've blown my mind with "obstacle", I'm left disappointed with "detective jazz loop". Maybe I'm missing the point and it's supposed to be a cookie cutter detective song, if so my mistake. Im sorry for the bad review, but I'm being honest. If you do make more audio in the future, I hope to hear a lot better than this from the animator of "Obstacle".


sorohanro responds:

Thank you for review.
I'm not aware at the moment that I'm the author of a movie named "Obstacle". This track was made by request because some animator couldn't find anything in the public domain that could fit to a noir/ detective movie.

I'm intrigued that you don't appreciate at least live played instruments (trumpet) in a track.

"Maybe I'm missing the point and it's supposed to be a cookie cutter detective song, if so my mistake." err... if would be named "Epic Choir and Symphonic Battle Theme" I would understand your confusion, but currently the title is "Detective Jazz Loop 1" which say about it that is supposed to be a detective song, jazzy says that should be a jazz track and loop says that is not really a 3 hours symphony.

"Rorschach's Journal October 13, 1985, 11:30 PM...

On Friday night, a comedian died in New York."

Yeah, you could say this reminds me of "The Watchmen" for some reason. Awesomeness; I like this loop! :D :D

sorohanro responds:

Thax for review.
Well, both, "The Watchmen" and style of this music are supposed to be in same period of time (different universes but same period).

*craves a cigar and a shot or two of whiskey*

You know, sorohanro---------->
I ran across this song, through a faved music list, of a friend of mine, Heathwillkillyou. As SOON as I heard it begin, I just KNEW you had a winner here! This is a FABUlous song, that could pieced to an animation, involving an old school detective scene. You know what I'm talkin' about. The kind of dramatic, black and white skit, that deals with some old P.I., smoking a stogie in his office, looking through some dusty files. Then, a very attractive damsel in distress walks up and asks for his help in finding out if her husband is cheating, or has been killed or what have you.
Man, I gotta give it up to you again.
Good job on a scene well played and the PERFECT atmosphere to go with it. You've painted this in my head EVERYtime I've sat and listened to this, looped over and over and over and over. . . .
Hope to hear more stuff by you.

..................Take care, be good and keep on, keepin' on, Man.period

sorohanro responds:

Thank you.
This is actually what I had in mind when I did it.
I have here more than 70 tracks, however, these days I work on several projects (2 rock bands, one pop ballad project and my second jazz album... lots of work).

Deja Vu.

This is the SAME theme for a old NES game called deja vu, and man, i still love it!

sorohanro responds:

Thanx for review.
Still, this is an original composition, couldn't be the same.

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Jul 14, 2009
11:00 AM EDT
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