ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow

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ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow (175 bpm)

I thought it was time for a new chaoz song, So here is Chaoz Airflow yay.
My second submission for '09. It has almost the same style as Chaoz fantasy,
so um CF fans should like this one aswell =] (atleast.. i hope XD)
Have fun!! =]



I have missed you so much!!! Anyways back to the subject XD. Well i got a starship enterprise warp speed type of feeling in this but nontheless it was an awesome peice. The intro was astounding and the rythm and tempo kept me begging for more. 0:44 was really cool with that type of mix and i love the feeling that i get when i hear what's on 1:45. after 2:00 is pretty cool and the halfway mark of it really excited me the way it just popped back in. I got a star treck and starfox type of feel from this really great peice.

Hope to see more in the next 2 months. Keep up the great work Para!!! Never let anyone get you down! You are a truely awesome mixer and i would pay big bucks for you to be my DJ! KEEP BEING AWESOME!!!

And it keeps going and going.

Im gonna be honest...i have like this song playing for the 8 time now in a row and i wont even close it!

I could listen to it all night long while gaming or stuff....really awesome tune just like most any of your other songs!

P.S: From minute 1:48 to 2:14 i can't thinking about a part of the Legend of Zelda song. :D


Most of this was totally uncreative. The percussion was repetitive and kind of annoying. The synth parts were so generic, I felt like I had heard it all before. The transitions and the choral parts were really trite. I felt that this piece was uninteresting; it was something I had heard so many times before.

Great song.

Your song has awaken my imagination once more, though your songs keep making me think of megaman... :p

I see...

The gates slowly open to reveal Jay in his new suit, the Air hawk 900. Wanting to master the art of wind martial arts, Jay powers up his suit and begins rising up into the air. He grins widely as he takes in the scene below him in amazement as he flies for the first time. Almost suddenly, he jets forward, flying around and spinning. His grin grows even wider as he reaches out and touches the clouds. A few minutes after enjoying the wonder of flight, Jay then flies over to the first teacher's area. When he reaches the spot, there is another person, twice the age of Jay, floating in the air wearing the same model of suit as Jay. Grinning, Jay calls to the third of the three wind martial arts masters.
"I'm ready to test my skills, third master."
"Good, don't get to cocky young one," the master replies with a croaky voice. Suddely, he lashes out, and a gust of wind rams into Jay. Shaking off the shock quickly, Jay moves out of the way from another burst, and fires a couple shurikens at the master. The master, moving to the left, finds himself suddenly being attacked by Jay. His technique, now strengthened by more freedom to use his legs, Jay almost overcomes the master in just a few minutes. With a backflip, Jay finishes his first test by feinting an upwards kick and then swinging his leg across to the master's head.
"Enough!" the master yells, "You have proven yourself to me. Now."
"Yes, third master?" Jay asks.
"Move along, I think you damaged my helmet." The third master went back to the temple of winds and Jay began flying towards the second master's area.
"Second master? Are you there?" Jay calls when he arrives. A sudden kick to his stomach was all he needed to start dodging and fighting back. With a blur of moves, Jay and the second master kept fighting, Jay being pushed back into the clouds. When they went into a cloud, Jay darted away and shot a shuriken, narrowly missing the master's helmet. The master, staying silent, rushed towards the spot his instincts told him where Jay would be. Jay, anticipating this, moved to the right at the last second and punched the master on the side of his head. Creating a wind burst, the punch sent the second master flying over 100 yards away. Immediately, Jay rushed to the master to continue fighting, but the second master motioned to Jay to stop.
"Perhaps I should not have unerestimated you. Continue on to the first master, Jay. I am proud of you." Grinning, Jay replied.
"Don't worry second master, I'm going to beat first master and finally become one of the masters of wind martial arts." Nodding his head, the second master flew off. With that, Jay flew off the first master's area, the sky of crystals. Seeing the master, Jay flew to him.
"Master?" Jay placed his hand on his master's shoulder, but his hand went through. The hologram disappeared and the first master immediately appeard out of thin air and gave Jay two punches and a spin kick. Jay, spitting blood, flew back and then rushed into the master. They continued to fight, breaking crystals that were floating around them. As they fought, they each grabbed crystal shards to use as daggers. Finally after a few hours, fatigue got to Jay and the first master cut his arm. Jay winced but still he fought. After being given a few more cuts to his arms and body, Jay raised both of his hands.
"Stop! I can't fight anymore," he panted.
"Don't you want to be a grand master of the winds?" the first master asked.
"Please, no more. I'll try again some other time."
"Hmph! You may start that by carrying those bricks again!" Groaning, Jay flew back to the temple to continue his training, but not without bragging rights against the first two masters he fought...

Great song.

~Depes Hales~


Alright, drums are extremely uninspired and repetitive. Synths all sound like generic presets, regardless of origin. The intro is very generic and boring. Buildups were weak, drops were even weaker. Boring synth melody in the middle only detracted from the song. Very little differentiation in the main melody.

Mastering is spot on, and although the song was mediocre, quality was pretty consistent throughout.

Listen to some stuff by Unknown Error, Spor, John B, SPL, Hive, Audio, Evol Intent, and Cujo.

ParagonX9 responds:

You, ph0ne and stimcrab are my best friends.
thank you =]

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Jun 11, 2009
6:12 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
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