Preludes of Mélancolique

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So I wasn't sure what to call this untill i thought of the song Valse Melencolique at which i give the inspiration to this song from. I before had it listed at a Nocturne but i realized its not a nocturne its this so enjoy. Please Let me know what you truely think because this is the first of 3 songs to go in my college portfolio (I didn't get in the first time)

This is Ch.1 of he Preludes of a 4 movement piece i working on

Uploaded a higher quality of the song please let me know what you think of the audio quality since that was the most comented about

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This is a really beautiful piece. The phrasing is excellent and the overall tone is mysterious and elegant. The dissonance is choice chords gives it a very Gothic flavor. It's just visually rousing and to that effect the pure essence of good classical.

Quite nice.

To me, it doesn't really evoke the right emotion in me. Melancholy is about sadness, but this felt more like frustration to me. However, it was still a nice listen.

I felt there was a bit too much going on. If you're going for melancholy, it needs to be kept simple and slow.

I like the piano though, and it clear you have talent.

The ending was quite nice, but I feel there was a note missing at the end. It would have been better if you had put one single low note at the end.

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I'm a fan of the piano, and this was a very good piece of music. This is what it means to play the piano, a few nice changes of pace and a great feeling overall.

I wish I had some advice besides the length, it was a bit short-lived and ended in a way that seemed a little out of place, but I can't think of any at the moment.

Fantastic job with this, definitely fav'd and I look forward to more music from you.

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sarias responds:

why dont people read. Its a 3 movement work in progress so its this x3 :) but other then that thank you so much for the review

Can't wait to hear the others

I could see this being used in an dark gloomy action puzzle game. I think it could have done with being a bit longer, because the classicals in my mind are quite long.

I heard some slightly fuzzy sounds in there somewhere, I think that could be to do with too many layers or sound too high.

A little editing and this'll be a very nice piece

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sarias responds:

i explained this in the last review its a prelude which are typically short. im glad you liked it. I think it might me you, cause i mean before it was bad but i re-edited it and it sounds fine on my end

A shame it was short

A stirring piece that shows how powerful a piano can be if played right. This can certainly be used for most gothic style games, as it's a very rousing piece, that can be used in many dramatic styles.

I think I caught a duff note at the end of it, when you went to the final crescendo at 2.15. Still, with a little playing about, this could be a really excellent piece.

You've got some good sounding talent here and I'll look forward to hearing your next piece.

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sarias responds:

its a prelude, and typically preludes are short. Im playing this one chopin song and its only 20 measures. this one is like 40. also what does duff note mean :) if it means doesn't belong it actually does. Its a new movement im made up :) its like neo-reomatic with a modern flair where i suprise my listeners with a note that doesn't belong with the rest, but still works. Its kinda jazzy. I tried the final chord 1000000 ways and nothingworked right till this thanks for the review though

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May 18, 2009
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