Fantasia Nocturne No.1

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This Is my first Nocturne which i have dubbed it a Fantasia

Thanks to the the my producer xKore It sounds awesome Tell me what you think


Very pretty.

I enjoyed this one. I like the piano and the echo style you used with it; it gives it a very nice effect. It was dark, but also had little major chords sprinkled here and there. Good combinations. I have to say, I wish there was a little more.

The melody was pretty, but it felt like you could have gone a little more complex with it. Perhaps when you have the longer notes you could have the right hand do an arpeggio or a small....fiddidle that is twice the speed of the left hand notes. Also, if you changed up the dynamics and tempo a little bit, it would make the piece a lot more interesting. Just throwing out ideas, if you want em. Anyways, nice, unique, well-thought-out piece. Nice work.

sarias responds:

thanks for the review yeah ive come back to the piece a few times and every time i do the same thing. This particular recording doesn't have dynamics but the accual piece does, cause this is accually not me playing its fl studios and for some reason it wouldn't transfer my predetermined dynamics so its whats there. thanks for the review though


Dark song. I've never heard a piano sound so good in a mellowed dark song. The melody was not all that great. Overall it was a nice dark classical song that incorporated the piano very nicely.

~Review Request Club~

sarias responds:

elaborate why the melody wasn't great i mean cause that a first im just wondering send me a pm but thanks for the review non the less


I loved how the rhythm had such really had such a dark and ominous feel, that really stuck out to me. To be honest, I really liked how this was just largely the piano by itself. It's quite refreshing from all the busy sounding songs that are crowded with effects and such.
The song had a really unified theme and it sounded strong all the way through. I think this would have some room for some other melodies if you chose to go that route, but it really does sound fine the way it is now.
I really enjoy piano music and this was a real treat. A nice classical piece.

Review Request Club~

sarias responds:

aw thanks im glad you liked it

Cinderella goes to the ball!

A nice piece, certainly consistent with these big lavish partys thrown by aristocratic types. Possibly with something more sinister lurking in the background as well, but we can look into that at a later date.

I like the way that it plays out, the beat is nice and it sounds as if it would lend itself quite well to a string quartet accompanying the piano, just to add a little more life to the proceedings.

[Review Request Club]

sarias responds:

again you are good at this, your not exact this time but your close, its about a guy who is all alone, but then he meets this girl where he instantly falls in love with at first sight, but there is a guy lurking who is also in love with this girl, so he kidnaps her, and he chases after them, but he is too late, becasue he has forced her to marry him against her own will, but he atlast saves her in the end, in a duel to the death where he wins


xKore helped, i'm a fan of xKore!


Sad - Dancy - Sad - Sad -Dance ending pattern, this is great for a solo, but since this is NewGrounds, i'd expect you to use a program to make this piece....interesting...

sarias responds:

what does that even mean its a classical piano solo, its classical so what do you mean this is Newgrounds wow you made no sense at all

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Jun 8, 2008
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