8-Bit Cave (Soullink Assist)

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Well, this might be the last song in my 8-bit series, so I hope you enjoy it!

Another idea suggested by Soullink, this is 8-Bit Cave. I tried to give it mix of dramatic/adventurous/spel unking tones in the notes; hopefully it worked! =)

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting my 8-Bit tracks these past weeks; stay tuned for more audio in the future!

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"Is this from poekemans?" NO FRHWKJfgewKJFWEFGALSFGa


Awesome dosent even freacking describe the... well... awesomeness of this song, lol

10,000 newtons of awesome (ton=mass awesome=force)

I was put in a trance by the mobius visualization, I sort of forgot that I was doing nothing.

10 tons of awesome.

It sounds more like some sort of castle or cave battle, but what the hey, this song is awesome.

Heard it on ROBLOX

It was downloaded here (I presume), uploaded to ROBLOX by SoundDB (Who quit roblox), and was loved by ROBLOXians everywhere. Untill that fatefull fucking day when they updated ROBLOX. The song was lost forever...