Flashnavox Odyssey

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Edit 2: UNDERDOG OF THE WEEK AS WELL? Haha, that's awesome. Thanks everyone

Edit: Holy crap? Daily 2nd? That was unexpected as all hell. Thanks to everyone who made this possible

~Update 2~
Fixed a bug in the Cat and Mouse game.

A bug that let you fire torpedos in Tennis and Hockey has been fixed.

This is a game based on the Magnavox Odyssey. The Odyssey is the first home video game system created. You will most likely know this if you have seen the Angry Video Game Nerd's latest review. Please don't rate this low because it's simple. Rate it on how close it is to the Magnavox :)

Please add this to the Gadgets section!

WASD - Player 1 Movement
Arrow Keys - Player 2 Movement
1 - Game Off
2 - Game Mode 1 - Ski [ Get to the end of the maze without going out of the lines ]
3 - Game Mode 2 - Cat & Mouse [ Player 1 must catch Player 2 ]
4 - Game Mode 3 - Grid [ Use your imagination ] ~ This game was not featured on the Magnavox
5 - Game Mode 4 - Submarine [ Player 2 must make it through the line while Player 1 fires torpedos ]
6 - Game Mode 5 - Tennis [ Hit the ball back and forth. Don't let the ball past you! ]
7 - Game Mode 6 - Hockey [ Hit the puck into the opponents goal! ]
N - Decrease Speed
M - Increase Speed
Space - Fire [ Torpedo Game Only ]
Enter - Reset

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You even did the plastic over lays!! lol great I spent hours with this playing by my self. I had no friends :( ;)

Guys who are complaining

This was a old game system, look it up if you don't believe me, but this was the first home game system ever.

The best

its cool because of those childhood memories.......

I Sh-t my Pants.

Never knew how much fun two lines could be.
@lemonandgravy pressing number keys allows you to change the game. If you took 10 seconds to read the game description, You would know pressing a number key changes the game

It's INCREDIBLE how STUPID Metallikid666 is.

This is quite a good recreation given the lack of information about the system. I myself, having spent a while looking up everything I can about this system found it to be quite a mystery. This is a VERY close adaption, and while I would have liked to see more of the games that were released at least partially supported, there's really not all that much I can fault, except for one thing. One thing only, mind you. YOU CAN'T FUCK WITH THE BALL!!! The original Odyssey gave you the ability to move the ball up and down in lieu of actual Pong-style rebound. This version is like Pong. The vertical movement would have been more fun and closer to the original Oddysey, and more than likely easier to program. Of course, I know jack shit about Flash. Also, sorry for the caps lock. Plus, Metallikid666 obviously cannot read or comprehend that a simple game can be fun as hell, and probably doesn't know that you can change the backdrop and rules. Also, simple is fun. Example: In Submarine, instead of staying within the blue line, Player 2 ends up in the shooting gallery where Player 1 is. Player 1 shouts 'GET OFF MAH LAWN!!!!!'. LOL. Also, to prove an earlier point, note how funny it would be to, in the Tennis game, move the ball wildly around and make it utterly impossible for your opponent to hit it. Fair play, what's that?! Back in the seventies, fair play probably hadn't been invented yet, man!!! 9\10 purely for that one thing. I feel like an asshole now.

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Apr 25, 2009
9:01 AM EDT
Simulation - Other
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