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.Traffic Lightz

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woo, The Reaperz on Smurfbeatz's "Traffic Lights"

The Reaperz include, Me, Mackity Mack and MPZ


Grimcredble (Verse 1)
Walkin down this road being blinded by this red light
my visions now blocked, i panic, i just needa get right
i stand and try to comprehend, what the hells gone wrong
reminencin the few times my life seemed to stall

im held back by my need of dis compensation
the way the world treats me is like im an abomination
the world cant go on unless grim is incarcerated
in these few seconds my Dreams are terminated

i never seem to move on, its like im stuck in quick sand
theres never a single soul reachin out for my hand
im in this world all alone, just got me and my mic
i continue to think about life, ready to fight

suddenly the red turns to green and im released
from this prision, and i can see, my vision stops the bleed,
my soul once again burned and i have returned to this cold road
ready to move on because the light says GO

Mackity Mack (Chorus1/2)
I keep on seeing things... in slow motion
It's like.. traffic stopped and now the road ain't no more fun..
I wanna move ahead (I just wanna take myself there)
I wanna move on in life.. (Because I'm tired of being here)

Grimcredible (Chorus2/2)
They say Red means stop ------- green means go
and I keep seein all this yellow man I just don't know
and I'm just tryna move ahead and stay on track
its ya boy Grimcredible and Mackity Mack

Mackity Mack (Verse 2)
The worlds looking crazy now and your intellegence is key
The knowledge you wield is the fuel to these vehicles known as beings..
...I'm on an empty tank and now everythings looking slow
I'm tryna gas it up so my meter hits full from low

There ain't a soul out on the streets but i feel like im geared neutral...
Stuck at this got damn light, and I ain't used to..
The constant lack of velocity in my main routine
I usually go with the flow but when i hit 17

I started slowin to down....the light struck yellow
and it never ever moved back down, and in the ghetto
its a common way of life, a twist of fate
It's like growing up is walkin your way through a dark gate

I'm tryna exceed my limits and defy reality
beyond ephiphany, surpass the ruthessly
mutated history of rap that our great grand children will take in
But these got damn lights... are stoppin it..

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tight song

sick lyrics, this is going on my ipod for sure :) keep it up you guys got talent

no stoppin

not bad ey

keep goin

you guys are sick.
keep contributin' to the portal cuz u guys give some nice diversity.
love the song!
what program did u guys use to record your voices and make the music?

Murdaa responds:

we got this beat from Smurfbeatz and we used cooleditpro 2 to record using a mic we got for 120$ o.o


i usually HATE rap but i loved this amazing...

Murdaa responds:

xD i love these kinda reviews xD Hiphop will be reborned

Hell yeah

You guys have a voice and didn't waste it on the things most mainstream people do. Thanks for making real music; real poetry.

Murdaa responds:

;DD thx man appreciate the review! some people here just dont understand

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Dec 16, 2008
11:44 PM EST
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