Reviews for ".Traffic Lightz"


as a general rule i dont like rap, but i think that has mostly to do with it being about sex drugs money cop killing, etc.

this is great, GOOD JOB.

Murdaa responds:

not all hip hop is about that.. but people think that thats what people want to hear about.. idk why, cause that eras over

Great Job, again.

Every song I've heard from you guys has been great. Congrats guys, you guys are one of the only (rap groups?) I like.

Murdaa responds:

wooooo yeah we are a rap group.. are are known as "The Reaperz" idc if the name doesnt match the music w/e lol thx man!

Wow man

This song is SICK!

Murdaa responds:

;D i feel tempted to making a new song now


this is very different and i like it

Murdaa responds:

xD thats what we're goin for.. thx for the review!!


me and rap/hip hop dont mix. but id listen to this. nice job. :)

Murdaa responds:

xD again i love these types of reviews