Reviews for ".Traffic Lightz"

This is tight!

To me it's like Fort minor meets 808's and Heartbreaks Kanye West...but better lol. Lyrics are solid, rappin's pretty tight, but the high synth gets a little annoying after a while. There's also a little distortion here and there that i'm not sure if it's deliberate or not (ex: starting at 2:27). Overall it's a very well done song :]


I love the chorus, the verses are hot and the beat goes with it really well.


I really like the hook, but the first verse sounds like it's missing a little "umf". The rest of it is awesome guys. Keep spittin, I keep droppin' ya 5's

4.36 / 5.00 (+ 0.033)

Murdaa responds:

most of my tracks are just previews for the actual Songs, so whatevers wrong with them is fixxed and thrown on


=O song came out pretty good lol

Murdaa responds:

its cause of
The Incredible! The Rhyme Edible!! GRIMCREDBILE!!!

i love that chorus

at 0:42, it sounds a bit strange but still overall awesome song

Murdaa responds:

yeah, but its alittle problem and u can hardly tell so is it really a problem?
thx for the review