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A simple piano medley, soothing and relaxing. Without much complexity.

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Decent, loaded with potential

Seven may seem like a low score, but I feel that you could really do so much more. I love your music, but quite frankly, your piano arrangement skills could use a bit of polish.

The theme you presented is haunting and sorrowful, yet with hints of hope in a few select major chords. The progression isn't cliché, and the melody is lovely. In other words, the song has potential. If you wish to improve your skills at composing for piano, you have to understand how a real pianist performs. WritersBlock has pretty much summed up everything I have to say, but I will reiterate.

This would sound much more organic if you focused on dynamic contrast and tempo changes. Unless interpreting this as a baroque piece, (which it most certainly is not!) no decent pianist would play this so mechanically. There are a few subtle dynamic changes such as at the beginning, but I would like to hear even more contrast. The forte section is very mechanical and dynamically stagnant. Tweak the volume of each note as if a pianist were pouring out his soul! This could be so much more mournful and emotionally driven with a little adjustment in this department! Equally important is tempo changes. Increase the pause between phrases, if only slightly. As the song gets louder, perhaps speed things up slightly. Where it is quieter, pull back on the tempo a bit. It will make the song much more organic! And I'm sure you know how to work tempo changes in your software.

I realize this is completely obvious information. As someone who has loves to play the piano (Though I'm not very good :P), I can't stress these points enough. Dynamics and rubato are crucial to this style! The bass notes starting at :17 sound very mechanical to me. Let them flow into one another. Slur them together! In any case, this is a nice piece and is full of potential. Just work on humanizing it, and you'll be a formidable composer when it comes to the piano! >:-D

I can't wait to hear more,

Sounds more full and alive than the other

But there's still the dynamic issues. When a whole section is f (for those who don't know, f stands for forte, which means "loud") it doesn't mean that every note is the same velocity. The note that falls on the first beat is loudest, then the third beat, the second and fourth beats are the weaker beats, and the space between are even more so, and that's additional to the dynamic appropriateness to the shape of the melody. I'm sure you'd make a killer piano solo if you applied this theory of performance technique to your composition.
Keep 'em coming, Maestro, it's great to see new and different things coming from you.


If you did keep this up, figuring out how each instrument goes where it does, how each one effect the piece I see you making great progress. Better material. Better... Music.

P.S. Song loops very well....
P.S.S. Try to check out my songs.... I know they need improvement but on what?
P.S.S.S. Good luck.


No Name? Well...

I can easily imagine this becoming a massive piece, with heaps of instuments. Brass in the strong bits, and strings in the soft. Hell, it could be an Audio battle between two dieties!
Anyways, I would name it something like "Inner Strugle" or whatever. Cuz your kinda fighting with yourself over wther to upgrade your music stuff or not, and this portrays that battle...sort of.
I don't know if it was intentional, or merley a coincidental product of your mind ^_^


0:20 - 0:21 is an excellent chord progession. You opened up in a very beautiful, delicate way which was excellent. Some would disagree with me, but I would have had some high harmony going with that delicate introduction on the piano. I'm not sure why, but to me parts of this piece didn't seem as "real" as your first piano medley.

I like how it loops.

A very good job for experimenting with stuff you haven't done before. Keep it up, and you'll be the maestro of piano in no time!

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3.93 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2008
12:48 PM EDT
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