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/|\War Menu 2/|\

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KW: War theme, Battle theme, dark, angry, drums, loop, title, menu, credits

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I am creating a Mario Like, can i use it in there! It could sound very nice in cannon level

Quite the auditory spectacle.

You have great skill in ordering the percussion instruments in such a way to leave no doubt in anyone's mind that this is a war-themed piece.
The 'pickles', as another poster put it, seem a bit out of place, but it isn't severe enough to warrant the dropping of a point from this review. 10/10, 5/5

I look forward to hearing more from you, chances are your talent won't remain undiscovered for long.

It is very great!

I love war music. Thie song makes me think of any possible war that can be in the ages. Middle age earth, now today, and futuristic wars. So far this is the best war song I have heard on newgrounds! Great great job!


Awesome. I'm creating a cartoon with a space battle. This will do perfectly. The pacing is great for conveying a sense a fog of war type of feel.

Vague resemblence

I find this piece vaguely familiar with something i've heard before, now im not saying its a ripoff or anything but it resembles a few other tracks that i have heard. Plus the pickles that come in at 25 sek, are definetly used in some other wargames :p anywho, its a nice track and you can definetly feel the marching spirit building up when you hear it ;)

MaestroSegments responds:

it's very likely Wabb. This track doesn't feature much originality, it is in fact, supposed to be generic, and not distracting to offer flash authors, something they can use. Most the loops in this account are made for purely this reason, and nothing more. Thank you for the review!