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Moonlight Through Misty A

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Author Comments

Moonlight Walking Through Misty Air :.

The waves crept in between the webs of your toes. You wiggled them a bit, the crumbs of sand begging to be brushed off. Subtly, the breeze tugged at the loose edges of your off white shirt. Fading in the distance behind you, birds layed their weary wings to rest - The night crowd was about to come alive. Against the dreary light of the moon your eyes caught a silvery glow. Like a metal reflecting watery sheen. Out of the glowing ocean ahead something was rising. The surface of the water began to split and a large lump like head with jagged shadowed features appeared. Falls of water spilled from its shoulders and down its chest. The features were ominous. The moons back light caused far too much distortion now as the building like beast stood. It was visible from its thighs up.

You didnt feel fear. You didnt scream. In fact, no sound was made. Not by you and not by it.
For a long while you looked to each other. For a long while you listened to the soothing slap of waves against the crooked dock. For a long while you thought you should call out to it. For a long while you stared into its emotionless glowing eyes.

"Hey.." you wanted to meekly muster.
Ask it what it was...
Who it was...
Why it was...
if it was...

Ask it to take you with it.

It most certainly looked like it had something convey and from such a long distance you couldnt take hold of it. As you watched, and as sand eroded it turned and wandered away, then finally down. You weren't quite sure what to think, let alone do. For something of such a sight to be real was a for sure a psychotic delusion. You sat down, atop the sand. Your bottom sunk in, then your back and shoulders, till finally your head felt the cool grains. Quietly, you let the rhythm of the crickets fill your ears until you slipped away.


(This is a parallel track to Sunlight Walking Through Dusty Air - I don't believe I've put so much effort into a song till this one. Jesus. I'm glad its finally finished!!! You'd better enjoy damn it! Drop some thoughts.)



Neo-Atmospheric is just about how I would describe your music. I don't know if that would be accurate, but in any case, its both unique and pleasurable.

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Lapse responds:

Heh heh - i'm up for new genre making : D

Either or, i'm glad you like it!

This is...

...digitally beautiful. Quite amazing talent you have there.

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Lapse responds:

Thank you very much. I appreciate you listening and taking time to review : D

Favorite song on Newgrounds.

Srsly. The drums and sound effects create the perfect atmosphere. The whole song is very repetitive, but in a good way. It manages to never get old. The change at 3:09 is awesome. The whole song is just amazing.

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Lapse responds:

Hey man, thanks a lot for your words. Yeah, the initial idea behind this song was repetition, yet, change? Hah. Just with the melody anyhow. This is still one of my favorite songs that i've done to date. I'm glad you liked it so much! Just for a heads up if your interested in 8-bit music. I just..like 5 minutes ago posted a new mix for the original tune to this, but, done in 8-bit! Give it a listen if you like (not trying to fish for reviews : P)

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/181159

Amazing as always,

The story you provide brings me to many connotations, feeling the description as I would from my few favorite authors. The song feels powerful in it's own essence, making me feel the chills of the cool air around the oceans at night time, although I do have some help from the cooling weather I've now in the near Appalachian region. It's strange how I take so much from this song. I can't think of much else to say other than I feel a deep admiration for your beautiful songs.

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Lapse responds:

'Allo Nurren! Thanks for listen to this, mate. It's awesome to see you enjoy this track as well as the words to go along with it. Its cool to see you take something from it; give you a thought or feeling. Ooo, Appalachian region? I'm a bit jealous. I want to see some mountains! Had a friend move to Colorado recently. She said the mountains are just gorgeous. That'd be some fantastic inspiration. Thank you for your ears. Keep listening! Also (As i told the person above your review):

Just for a heads up if your interested in 8-bit music. I just..like 5 minutes ago posted a new mix for the original tune to this, but, done in 8-bit! Give it a listen if you like (not trying to fish for reviews : P)

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/181159

Just wow

I spent hours listening to this song on loop after going through a rough breakup
just sends me into a sort of trance @.@

very very nicely done

Lapse responds:

Heh heh. Hours?! Thats really awesome to hear. Its always important to be able to bring a listener back to a song. It shows me too, that your really taking it in. Listening for the little things that most of the time only the musician who made the track really hears when he listens. I'm sorry to hear about your break up : (

heh heh, i hope the song helps though : P

Thanks for listening, most definitely.

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4.44 / 5.00

Apr 13, 2008
4:18 PM EDT
Drum N Bass
File Info
6.8 MB
4 min 56 sec

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