Seats To The End Of The World

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"Her Temple To My Shoulder And Front Row Seats To The End Of The World" :.

"Excuse us".
We said as we made our way to the front of the crowd.
The voices of terror filled in the local ambiance.
We blocked all that out.
The flames from the town licked at our faces
Buildings were giving way against the heat haze.
Birds dropped from the skies.
The oceans dried up.
"We're going in it seems"
The sun's mighty gaze was upon us here.
"Yeah..Guess so. I love you, y'know."
"Yeah..i know. I love you too. I'll see you after this is all over.
"Race y'there?" She said, squinting with a smile on.
"You're on." I replied with a grin.

( hope you like. I love the ending of this. )

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Shadow's Advocate

Shadow is the darker spectrum of light. Why do we fear it? Why is daylight so much better than darkness? It's just a different perspective to our mind's world. We see things differently then we did when it was daylight. Are we fearing something deeper than this darkness we see? Are we seeing hell within us through the eyes of our shadow's advocate? Theres nothing to fear. It's just light's mellow reflection.
Great song.
Make more. So I can flood your review system some more ^^

Lapse responds:

I'm not sure why we fear dark so. I imagine that it has to do with the predators of our past, of our evolution. The hunters of the night. We associate dark with death. Darkness is also were we sleep, where we paint our futures, reflect our lives, create in the mind: Dreaming. Darkness is an absence of light - and light gives us great view to things - almost too directly. In darkness we fold in on ourselves and create our own worlds.

always making music : )


This is so an end of the world last boss theme..

Lapse responds:


Selling Popcorn

It's a really depressing song, but not like dying-sad, more like saying goodbye to something extremely precious (i.e. the world) sad. It seems to accurately illustrate that loss as it's in progress, and everybody is watching, unable to do jack.

Also a very good song to fall asleep to, and I don't know why.

Lapse responds:

Heh, dark, dreary yet, the energy. I'm glad it gave you a feeling - illustrated something for you. Thats cool.

Heh, i love me some good sleepy-time tunes, aye.


giving Aphex Twin a run for his money

i love it

Lapse responds:

Mrah-haha! I hope to one day be that good. : P

That was... a tad disturbing.

It's a great track, very creepy and humorous description. I don't know what I can say it made me feel. But, if anything, I love this track.

Lapse responds:

haha, disturbing??

I guess the end of the world is a tad be creepy and disturbing : P
I'm glad you love it !

Thank you!

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Apr 12, 2008
6:49 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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