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Hoop'd! Woman into Anthro Latex Toon Cow TF

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Author Comments

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A: Ok, so... now that I got the lock taken care of, we can finally explore the old ToonLand.

*Gate creaks open and she steps inside*

(Walking sfx)

A: This area is where they had the funhouse... its all boarded up now, we will have to check it out next time... a few of the really old rides that seem to have been mostly removed... a stage for shows...

A: Hm, I was sure there was supposed to be a building right over here. Its where all the employees dressed like the mascots would get ready... oh jeez, here it is... all covered in this black... oily ivy, this is weird.

(Grunting with effort, ivy stretching like rubber)

A: Come on you... god, this stuff is weird...

*stretch and snap sfx*

A: There! *Whew* still online? Good. You all seeing this place? Definitely the place. Rumor had it, this site hit some kind of oil reserve or a buried waste dump. Relax, guys... I'm wearing gloves.

(Wooden creaky door, drippy ambience, voice reverb)

A: this place has seen better days... its all... squelchy...

A: What's this? A shower? No, its different... something isn't right.

(Goopy sfx)

A: What- whoa whats on my fee- ew!

A: theres some weird sludge I cant *mmph!* move my *uff* feet!

A: that black sludgy stuff, its coming up out of the drain!

A: wha- its moving up- get off me!

A: guys, somebody- shit! The stream is down!

(Goopy sfx grow as more coats her)

A: gotta pull free... *urgggh!*

A: It’s like this stuff is alive! What’s it doing to my feet?! Ew, hooves!

A: my legs- uugh its so slimy and weird, I can't pull it off- no hey! Not my hands! (shakes her hands hard) get off meee!

A: *grunting* Something about this stuff is familiar, its coating my legs and, whoa- my thighs weren’t this curvy a second ago

(Creaky, goopy, inflatey sfx)

A: its like its molding me, how is this possible? My hands and feet look like cartoon cow hooves... shiny and rubbery... kinda soft too... wild...b

A: why am I okay with this? I... i can't really bring myself to freak out... I'm... I'm turning into the mascot... Daisy Dairyierre, the cartoon cowgirl

(Inflatey sfx grow more pronounced)

A: It's creeping up my body... uuhnnn~... oh whats- oohhhhh~ im growing a big udder, i'm definitely becoming Daisy. But why?

A: The shower thing, this oily latex! I bet if this is how they wanted to try and costume the employees, it’s making me feel like her, I just wanna moo like in the old cartoons!

A: Oh my~ yeah, gimme her iconic giant behind, they didn't call her Daisy Dairyierre for nothing! Oh, hey! I even got her long, ropey tail, kinda feels like a gooey paintbrush on the end, cool!

(Her booty inflates and she gives it a smack)

A: oh man, this feels amazing, its so tight and smooth, nothing left to the imagination, my glossy black body and bright pink udder... mmm

A: here it comes, up my neck- oh- its *ulp* *gah* *iss in ma- ough...*

(Her voice stammers as the latex flows past her lips and she feels it coat her insides)

A: gluhh... tastes weird, rubbery... squeaky... oh, my face- swelling, this feels so weird, im getting a snout!

(Face makes a cartoonish stretch and pops into place, her voice now higher and cartoony)

A: Wow! I look just like- I *sound* just like her from the cartoons! MooOOOo! *giggle*

A: Well, I *could*explore some more of Toonland, but I love how this feels... ohhh my body is so sensitive... and smooth... oh yeah... my udder is so squishy and full... I feel like my whole body is latex... even insides... I need to explore myself first before I do anything else... my subscribers can wait a few more minutes *giggle*

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Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Jan 9, 2022
1:49 PM EST
File Info
9.1 MB
6 min 37 sec

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