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For coop83, I have tried my best in this image to get rid of after color, do you like this change? Or does the other one look better, because I think the other ones look better because of the sloppy look, I could do another version where it is sloppy maybe?



Well, although I don't particularly find this funny or interesting, you did an okay job with it. The T.V. looks pretty good and the Simpson dinosaur was drawn alright. I'm not really sure what motivated you to make something like this...

I'm going to assume you grabbed the static picture from the internet since the last person asked you about it and you failed to answer, and since a good portion of this image is static, that means you really didn't make like sixty percent of the image. I don't understand why there would be static on the T.V. seeing as there's a picture of a Simpsons character as a dinosaur but okay...

All in all I'd say the drawing is okay I suppose, I just don't get it...

up-a-notch responds:

I drew the character first...

I haven't reviewed something of yours in a while..

I have to say it really looks like you've improved since then. While this picture is very simple, the style is very fitting and it looks half way decent. It seems that the static is just a random picture of static that you found and threw on a different layer or simple drew over. Perhaps you should attempt making everything yourself? (sorry if you did make the static, if so it looks good)

The character of Homer mixed with a dinosaur is a very interesting idea. I think you could make him look much better though. I know you have your simple style, but imagine what Homersaur would look like if you spent a long time on it. If you don't want to take that approach then perhaps the next step is the Simpsonsaur approach. Maybe creating the entire family in one picture.

You could have all of them be different dinosaurs even though that wouldn't make much sense as different dinosaurs wouldn't be able to interbreed, but who really cares. Maybe have their pet dog and cat be pet humans or something ironic like that. I'm assuming a dinosaurs donut would be bigger as well. :P

All in all you still have a lot of room to improve, but this is one of your better pieces for sure.

~ Review Request Club ~

up-a-notch responds:

so color inside the lines?


Wow, that's listened to exactly what I'd said. Bravo. When I saw it on the forums, I thought that you were going to be trolling me with a "Homosaur", boy, how original that would have been.

You've given us a much better piece, the colouring is within the lines, the jeans have a waist band to them and you've made a functioning background. A shame that it was just a static image, otherwise I'd have been thinking of 9 stars.

The next step that you'll have to take is adding elbows, since I don't know anyone that would stand there with a bolt-straight arm, while holding food. Additionally, if it's a lizard (saurus), you might consider making it have more of a snout, as opposed to a humanoid face. Elongate the mouth out, possibly putting nostrils above the mouth for effect.

Finally, the collar looks a little small - there are the corners to it, but Homer Simpson's collar goes all the way around his neck, for the effect of it.

[Review Request Club]

up-a-notch responds:

thanks dude, should I do another inside the lines?

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