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Watch out for the fulpasaur! He cam perma-ban you!


Similar to the Beaversaur

A few slight changes to the piece here, with the outline, but it does look like you've taken the base of the Beaversaur, then changed the arms, eyes, tail, mouth and then gone to town with the spraypaint. Changing the background was a nice touch and you have produced a better piece, by throwing a photoshop of the NG Tank logo on the shirt.

The jeans need a waist - they should come a little further up the body, so that the two legs are joined together. Perhaps extend the body a little, so that the T-Shirt doesn't get shrunk too much?

I've got the same old hang-ups regarding the colouring and going over the lines, as it really grates against me to see someone with talent not using it to their full potential.

[Review Request Club]

up-a-notch responds:

Well if you think I have talent...I shall add good color to my next piece :)

Tom Fulp

-This made me chuckle a good bit since I didn't get the reference until after I saw the picture that you drew. For some reason I had bulbasaur in my head.

-Nice job with the background. It has the whole newgrounds theme all over it. The NG tank logo on the shirt seems almost too flat in comparison to fulpasaur and it makes it look odd. Otherwise the shirt is pretty nice but could also be a bit darker since it's almost grayish.

-Looks like he's supposed to be a tad disproportionate but his individual arms and legs are different sizes than the other ones and it looks wierd. As if he is having to support himself more on one side. Coloring is still splotchy and while it's fine in some areas like his hair his legs don't look as good.

-This picture does make me wonder how we would cope if Tom suddenly did become a dinosaur and go on a rampage though. Probably wouldn't be much different than it is now.

-Review Request Club

up-a-notch responds:

he's a nice fulpasaur

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Sep 11, 2010
10:38 AM EDT
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