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Modern Day Man


Author Comments

A 20-25 minute drawing, ten for the outline, ten or fifteen for shading. I'm not very happy with the out come, but it's fine.


(Oh, I know that M is probably too harsh a rating, but It's the lowest newgrounds will give for 'mild nudity')


Too angular, needs more research.

I think that this is quite indicative of a rushed piece to get submitted to Newgrounds as much as possible. I'd suggest that since you advocate the use of Google, you should looks for more research material, in order to get a more balanced human body drawn.

The body seems a little disjointed, particularly where the shoulders join the upper torso. There needs to be more work to join the abdominal muscles and the obliques to the lower ribs and the pectorals. A cursory glance at my own body reveals that the torso is a little long, as standing like that, an average human male will be able to reach mid-thigh, as opposed to just the hips.

Perhaps chunkier thighs as well would give it a more balanced athletic tone, as they look quite spindly and unable to support the weight of the body above.

Possibly more detail could be required on the Google logo, in order to impart the symbolism that exists within the piece, showing man's dependence upon the internet and technology as it currently stands.

[Review Request Club]

Nothing too special...

I didn't really like it much. It's a little boring to look at, and it needs more detail.

He didn't look so muscley and looked pretty strange. His fingers (especially the one on his right hand) look disfigured, and his arms and legs look too short or too thin.

The background, as Haggard said, was too simple. What you could do is make a background of what a modern day man would really be in (Internet Cafe, computer, Burger King :P, etc.), or if you don't want a background, at least make it more interesting, with a gradient or something.

Another thing which is strange is that there are some lines on him which don't look right (the V under his neck and the = sign around his elbow). They look a little strange.

Well, the message that this gives out is good, but I think it should be portrayed a little more. The shading was OK, though, and the colour scheme wasn't bad.

-Review Request Club-

~ Review Request Club ~

In my opinion the drawing itself needs a bit of work, but enjoyed the colors used. The modern day man makes me think of some fat kid who's no taller than 5 foot, wearing a t-shirt with something on it that's only being worn because he thinks it's going to make him cool with pants that hang around his knees. (Imagines it now, Yeah that's what most modern day men look like)

The picture that is shown before me though is more of a mix of a person who has a social life outside of the internet, but still uses the computer to do most of his thinking for him, which would be a much lesser population in the world than the computer nerd that I had explained before.

Anyway, like I said the picture itself needs a bit of work quality wise. The color used for the fog was good, but it needs some blurred effects so it doesn't look like a solid wall.

~ Review Request Club ~

Great idea

Score: 7 / 10
Summary: Great idea
Review: Art doesn't have to have a message, but it often is better if it has a message. This is better because of the message.

As I said, this has a great message, but the drawing itself is not detailed enough. Shading looks great, but the proportions aren't right.

Arms are too short, and the hands are too small compared to the rest of the body. I guess there COULD be a genital in there, but with the message, it doesn't need it. Fits.

Also, it kinda looks like the legs are simply directly attached to the body, without anything else in between. Make some wider hips, if possible.

I see how the greytones fit the message, but some kind of message would fit well in here. I'm not sure what, though, so I guess I'm kinda helpless there.

Good luck!

-=Review Request Club=-

Good message, but needs more details

I like the message you have in this picture, but the picture itself needs a lot more details.

First of all, the propotions of the body don't really fit. The arms are a bit too short (they should be down to where the hips end and the highs begin), the hips are too thin and the legs are also a bit too thin, imo.

It would be nice if that person had some genitals, but maybe that's part of the message as well: The modern man doesn't need any genitals as he doesn't reproduce himself on the "normal" way anymore.

Fingers would be nice to have as well. Or how should the modern man type on his keyboard?

Also, the background is a bit too bland. Just grey in grey, I think a street with more modern people and maybe a few "oldschool people" as well would give the image and the message a little extra kick.

{ Review Request Club }

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Aug 11, 2009
5:44 PM EDT
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368 x 529 px
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