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Author Comments

Yeah, this is a quick bit of work.

I improved it slightly due to mistakes because of cropping it out of my 'ROBOSHARK' picture. It should look better when zoomed in on.


Slow down

Your work is not bad, per se, but it really does require you to take more time, in order to get the fundamentals right - smaller fore fins and a set of fins under the belly, about mid way between the dorsal and tail fin.

The other main issue is that the gills are too far back - they generally occur on the Great White in front of the fore fins and extend down further.

A little rushing costs you for this piece - a few little errors take so much away from the piece - it's all in the detail, so use a search engine and get good research material before you start.

[Review Request Club]

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Thanks for your constantly good reviews :)

I agree that detail is something I need to work on. I may try this drawing again, but with the additions you suggested


This is a really good picture! Needs some detail, but definitely realistic.

The shark looked very realistic. I just think the face looked kinda strange, and it was a little too small in all. You should make it a little longer. Plus, the gills look too big and stand out too much. Apart from those, it looks almost like an actual picture of a shark.

The colour scheme is godly. Perfect colours for th sharks, and the sea in the background, although by blurring the colours together a little more, it may look better. Also, the sand, although it does have a good colour, is too blurred in with the sea.

It was a good idea to do a shoal of fish in the background, but as they said in the other reviews, it needs more. Some things which take the attention away from the shark a little, like a casket, a distant silhouette of another shark, more fish, seaweed, rocks, a cave, starfish, and maybe something artificially made, like a submarine. Just don't make them stand out too much, or the shark loses its importance and you'll have to rename it 'Under the Sea' or something.

In conclusion, a very realistic picture, which just needs some more detail and working on the shark a little. The colour scheme is great, and overall the picture looks excellent. Keep it up!

-Review Request Club-

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Thanks :D

I like what you say about the colour scheme. I see that the main problem to my drawings is just adding small details. I knew I should have added more to the background, but anything on the sea bed looked bad. But I think that is because of what you said about the sand being blurred too much.

Very good review.

~ Review Request Club ~

This is done very well indeed. Great color, pretty good detail, etc.. I rather enjoyed the colors that you used in this submission and loved that you actually put things like fish in the background.

I think it could have used more more thing in the background. Perhaps some wildlife on the ocean floor there on the middle/left side of the picture or something like an old sunken anchor. Maybe even something like an old sunken boat or ship in the background as well.

~ Review Request Club ~

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Thank you.

Everyone seems to be agreeing on the same few problems, so I'll definitely work on those.

Not half-bad at all

Score: 7 / 10
Summary: Not half-bad at all
Review: I agree that this is a well-drawn shark, but there are som minor flaws.

First of all, the shark looks great. Proportionally, that is. The colors are also really good. The background also is perfect, and in total, the picture is relaxing and soothing.

The outline is sketchy, and the fin we see looks weird. I can see where it joins the boody, but it still looks really weird. Also, the jaws don't look right.

Overall a nice shark, but not the best. Could use a few minor improvements. Fin, mouth, outline, mainly. Oh, and you might wanna make the body longer, after the fins.

-=Review Request Club=-

SeaBoundRhino responds:

I found it very difficult to get the fin to join in the body properly, I thought it looked fine, but obviously I was wrong. Thanks for pointing that out :)


The drawing is very good, the shark looks very realistic. Also the lightning in this picture is done very well.

However, I'm missing some more details in here. The fishes in the lower right corner are a nice start, but I'd expect a lot more things to go on here. A bit sea weed on the ground, more fishes, some swimming right next to the shark (like you can always see in those documentaries), etc. .

{ Review Request Club }

SeaBoundRhino responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll definitely add some details beyond the main focus of the drawing in future drawings

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Jul 31, 2009 | 4:48 PM EDT
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702 x 459 px
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