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NOTE: This image has since been updated and improved, so you're looking at an old/out-dated version of this piece. Check out the new and improved version here!

Drew this at Stamper's computer while I was out in Philly for Pico Day!
Thanks Jazza for the protip with layer masking!

Took about 6-8 hours alltogether.

Also, my thumbnail function is broken and I can't make a pretty thumbnail. </3

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I love this!! Your art is always wonderful! Keep it up!

WOW nice adding with the colours and tell me who doesnt think that succube are hot =P
You draw it very very attractiv. The skulls as a background really was a good idé, seems like a badass chick to me ;)
A perfect artist deserv a 5/5!

Very nice work here

Well its always a pleasure to see some good efforts pushed forward like this, there is actually alot to see, and the visual is a great one, You seem to have went all out on this with some nifty efforts in making something really good here so props to you on this piece. OK so onto the review here first of all i would like to say, that this whole piece is pretty "FANTASTIC" and the shadowing alone was pretty impressive you have a great design here, especially with putting fourth color and shading and a fantastic drawing all together, There was one thing thati noticed that could be improved and that was the backround "SKULLS" Now while they are just ok, they could have had a more fresh and vibrant look to them and such, more deep reds more new style of skulls as the ones you did have seem more to me like some skulls from the 80's as odd as that sounds, since this is a dark and evil presance of an image you should push those skulls to a more evilish feel, I also wouldnt mind seeing some more "SHINE" either like on the shoulder and the stocking parts maybe, but anyways nice work regardless. And well thats that, a decent piece of art, some pretty neat way you designed this it was interesting and kept me looking at all the little details, so in that aspect of it, it was a decent piece of art, and i hope to see more from you soon, anyways nice efforts.

So theres not alot i can say or do to change some stuff but i do try and suggest an idea or two wich may help and if not then good luck on any other pieces of art you may have in the works but in the meantime here are some of the ideas that i saw. So what i did get was that maybe some more shine in areas and corner points, and some more effort and fresher detail on the skulls unless the grungy look was your direction then that case leave it as is.

The use of shadows is amazing in tis and the little details like te splattered blood are frickin' sweet.

A productive use of your time.

I'm glad that you had such an awesome time at the Newgrounds meet - I've seen people drawing and creating artistic pieces at meets before (full pencil sets, pads and so forth), but never someone attempting a full 6-8 hour piece such as this.

Lavishly detailed, this piece has a lot going into the background, without even looking at the main event in the foreground. Each skull is independently drawn, as opposed to the copy / paste nature of wallpaper that can be bought for such a purpose. A small cheat of reversing the pattern and cutting it to fit from left to right was spotted, but I think we can let you off :P

As for the incredible detail of the devil, from the blood splatter bra, through the flowing locks and the relaxed tail, this piece looks fantastic. I'm not to happy with the look of her chin - it just looks a little angular, but if she got her claws into me, I'd be a footnote in history, that's for sure. The shadows give a fantastic perspective to the piece and it certainly gives depth

With the PVC / leather stockings / boots, shouldn't they pinch in on the thighs a little, to stay in place? Choice viewing material across the years has taught me something! I wasn't too sure about the way that the horns have been "combed back" and both seem to point the same way. I know that no-one's perfect and that nature both strives for and abhors symmetry, but that just seemed a little strange.

[Review Request Club]

Sabtastic responds:

First off: thanks for the awesome review, as usual!
You have a knack for picking out details that I don't pay enough attention to, and you're great at offering some good constructive criticism, too!

I'll probably be taking into account the PVC stocking comment next time I draw something similar. I always forget to make it look as tight as it's supposed to be. o: It really does 'grab' to stay on the wearer.

The horns gave me a hell of a time, too, so you hit that nail on the head as well. B:

Thanks again for the great review!
I give your review a 5/5! :V

Credits & Info

4.49 / 5.00

May 6, 2012
3:20 AM EDT

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