Hitchbot 2: End Of The Line


New comic Monday! For those unaware, HitchBOT is actually very real. Or it was real up until August 1st. The sociable machine managed to hitchhike it’s way across Germany, The Netherlands and Canada with virtually no problems at all. Then he made it to the City of Brotherly Love… where a person or persons unknown smashed its canopy, tore its arms from their sockets and left the wrecked robot in the street. Pretty sad really. We imagine the second model will be a little more sturdy. And maybe even have a fondness for Sarah Connor. He’ll be back.

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Halfway to Quebec he was pulled over by Robocop. They say the battle still rages on.

InsanityinaBox responds:

Shhhh.... Let us not speak of this, for It is legend...

Still a sad story, HitchBot's folks didn't wanted to press any charges, but still I felt they needed to. It was a fun experiment for all as it was!

I really wish it wasn't short lived..

InsanityinaBox responds:

Agreed, hopefully they will try it again with better results. Thanks for the review!

They should make the next Hitchbot a seven foot slightly brown man in a turban that way we can blame cops for beating it to death.

InsanityinaBox responds:

I like the idea of HitchBot stopping an attack before it happens. Maybe they could figure out a way for it to identify threats and release a cloud of squirrel pheromones onto its aggressor, I'm sure that would make for an interesting day at the park.

RIP little guy. Maybe the next one should say. "stay away from America please " Fantastic art.

InsanityinaBox responds:

No he need to finish his trip across America! They shouldn't let one horrible person ruin it for them. Thanks for the compliments!

R.I.P ;(

InsanityinaBox responds:


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