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Oct 5, 2009 | 4:51 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place October 6, 2009

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Author Comments

Updated the game to ver 3.0 (please check on top right corner of the main menu). If yours says a different number, please clear your browser's cache file and refresh the page.

Thank you for the FRONT PAGE and 3rd Daily Best!!! Awesome!

If somehow you feel the game is lagging, please update your flash player to flash player 10. And if it still lags, just lower the quality of the game.


Here's a complete Walkthrough of the game : s-2-die-the-other-side-wa lkthrough


Please vote this game for the zombie collection ^.^

This is a prequel/sequel to the original D2D. Ever wonder what happened to the harbor? you'll find the answer here! If you have not played the first part, you can play it here: /portal/view/486939

Takes place during the events of the original Days 2 Die. Now you play as Sgt. Vic Radel, a member of TCPD SWAT team assigned to rescue survivors.

2 Game Modes are available:
- Story Mode
- Survival Mode

Enjoy the zombie killing awesomeness!



Rated 4 / 5 stars October 5, 2009

Vic?Vic,can you hear me?Vic?Vic?VIIIIIIC!!!!

......That was some nice zombie shooting, okay it was short, but it was good,almost.
The killing part was my favorite, the Survivors were my least.
You see, the Survivors are to be considered "dumb animals", for they can't be equipped with guns,they move when they want to, and on the final mission, they moved so slow, I had to turn off the sound to speed it up.

This whole buzz about the M14 is true, when I got it, It made short work of the 2nd Bat Battle and the "More Than Obvious" Final Boss, what could it be?Well, it's L4D related.

I REALLY like the Drebin thing, explains how you get the guns and refers to his "Multi-Ness", good job.

Boss: Mutated Bat
It's not very hard, just use a crowbar/knife on the Meat shield bats he sends and use the MP5 or something Frank gave you on the bat itself, he should go down in four or five magazines.

Boss:2nd Mutated Bat
By now, you should have the M14, if not, you might as well die, because this boss has 80000 HP or something.

Boss:Special Infected
Jump around and shoot at this guy, you MUST come with the M14 because he can take you down in 4 or 5 hits,plus he has more HP than the 2nd bat fight.Luckily, Drebin is on a "VEHICLE" where the "GIANT VEHICLE" used to be.

Ending:Wow, that was quick, and pretty explanatory, With Drebin, I can't help but say, VIIIIIIICCCCCC!!!!

Premium:This is a good way to get money, but is mostly useless with the strong M14, and it is a short game too, not much to do when you finish.

Overall:It was good.....but it could have been a whole truckload better.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars October 5, 2009

imo the best zombie game so far

im too retarded to find the car or its buggy - nevertheless it was fun, nice anitmation, cool artwork, decent story "rescue your family, sister, from the zombie flood - again". Liked the tradingsystem and the weapons and overall the interacting too.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars October 5, 2009


It was pretty fun, I've been playing it for about an hour now xP

I really liked Days 2 Die but this one seemed like
a little more fun. I enjoyed running into all the zombies.

Thank you for the game.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars October 5, 2009

Nice but..

THE GODDAMNED BATS!!! They do SO much damage! like 1dmg per frame they touch us..
Also; why did it have to be the goddamned bats? Use jumper zombies or something... anything but these horrible, overused little critters.

Advice; get a Mercenary ASAP; they will likely target these bats for you, and they got infinite ammo.
Advice 2: Early game, zombies drop ammo. Take the time to grind them to get tons of free stuff.

The m14 fire in 3 round burst.. would prefer if i could fire it semi-auto. otherwise, that gun is too good. A single burst kills anything that isnt a boss(if it doesnt clean the whole screen); a whole clip leave said bosses nearly dead.

Grinding for stuff is way too easy... but it does give you acess to all stuff if you want to.

But it was still fun to play. But there isnt a lot of new stuff, and that "logon to some obscure off-site thing for bacon" doesnt appeal to me at all; allow full accesss to the game here.

Noticed the bug of "lose melee weapon on death" too.

Cant sell "partial" ammo count at the shop.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars October 5, 2009


It was really fun, i got qiute far into it, although i couldnt use the pistol after i switched to the knife becuase my keyboard is broke, that was qiute annoying, but really good game