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ZombieWolfdotNet ZombieWolfdotNet artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

Hello Everyone. We are, currently we make small games but we want to get ready for bigger and better games. So we currently need:

Unity 3D OR Unreal Programmer:
-Know how to make 3D/2D Games like FPS, 3rd person shooters, etc

3D Artist:
-Know how to make 3d Models. Especially detailed humans

If you're interested in joining, send us a message with your skype AND OR discord!

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Raeldor Raeldor artist / programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, writers

I'm going to be sincere, so bear with me.

I'm an amateur artist, novice programmer on unity and game maker(I prefer game maker right now), musician that recently picked up again the will to start composing (much to learn). But I like challenges, and recently I just finished another of my projects and will have some free time I want to spend learning more skills and improving.

So, I'm open to some collaborations for the time being, If you want to see my skills look my page. There is some art, music and games on display (Even if Ieant a lot after I coded those games.) Also I'm open to constructive criticisms (I'm aware I'm not great on any of those areas but I will be doing my best on my time collaborating.)

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Cagmaster Cagmaster programmer Message looking for artists


I am making a new game and I want a 2D PIXEL ARTIST. Specially that knows about ISOMETRIC pixel art, as the game uses that view. You'll have fun playing the game and getting benefits :O

No more requeriments more than that AND having Skype/Steam/WhatsApp/Telegram or just somewhere we can chat and send files.


Forum topic:

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Guychace Guychace artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey there, I'm Guy!

A voice actor here on the community, reaching out for some help! I need an animator willing to work on some comedic sketches with me!
(Similar to Cyanide and happiness)

I have a lot of ideas ready to go, and many more on the way.. So if your with me on this, we have ourselves a TON of content! I have a home studio, a vocal booth, and I'm currently working with voice talents, a couple writers, and an artist. The only piece I need to complete the puzzle, is an animator!

Yes this is paid work! I will also offer my voice over services in return for your help!

Now if you'd like to collaborate with me, please leave a link to your showreel! Don't forget to leave your email! If I like your work, you will be contacted.

Voice reels/Acting Resume -

Latest voice work (Bomb Suit) -


Let's make something great!

- Guy

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PereDM PereDM artist / programmer Message looking for musicians

I'm a programmer, artist and game designer working on my game "Room Builder". You can check its progress here @pere_dolcet

I'm looking for a musician that's willing to make a couple videogame songs just for fun, experience and exposure (aka NOT PAID). This game's gonna be released for free. I only make games to get better at my craft, have a good time and get other people to enjoy my work, and I'm looking for someone with the same mindset.

If you'd like to join the team or want more details about the game/job/team feel free to contact me through a Newgrounds PM, Twitter (@pere_dolcet) or email me here:

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jbird1859 jbird1859 artist / programmer / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hello i'm a game designer new to the industry and i'm eager to work on my first project I excel in writing and voice acting but i'm new to programming I like to experiment with different engines for different games but if you need someone like me on your team message me I work for free.


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StrafeRed StrafeRed programmer / writer Message looking for artists, musicians

I'm making a game called Skeleton RPG, and i need help. This is my first full project and i have no money to work with, i just need an animator to animate a couple things, and maybe someone can help with the music. Like i said i dont really have any money to work off of (although i have a patreon), this would be free work. Please message me for any further details

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