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TheMillz TheMillz artist / programmer / writer Message looking for musicians


I'm planning a sequel to my flash game "Astrocreep". You can play the first here on NG:

This is a long-term project, basically doing what I did in the first but more of it and on a grander scale. It's NOT a paying gig but you will be credited in the game as the musician. I basically need eerie/syfy meets total alien invasion. About 5 or so short loops including a "theme" that fits the game. Loops should be kept around 30 ish seconds but can go longer/shorter depending on what we're using it for. If you want to talk more about the project, pm here on the site or email me at this address:


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53xy83457 53xy83457 programmer Message looking for musicians

Hello. I've got a game planned for Pixel Day (Jan 21st 2017) and need chiptunes fairly urgently.

Full details here if you think you can help-

- Dan

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KillaMaaki KillaMaaki programmer Message looking for artists

I am a self-taught game programmer available for a variety of tasks (netcode, gameplay, graphics, etc!). I have a wide variety of interests and an extreme passion for all things game dev, which drives me to learn everything I can to make myself a better game dev.
Check out my portfolio for examples of what I can do:

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ZombieWolfdotNet ZombieWolfdotNet artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers

Hi, We're! We make games, animations, comics, art, and music! Currently, we are accepting MANY new members!

Who are we accepting:

-We're making many games and need more programmers to work.
What program do we use: Mainly, Game Maker Studio, but you can use whatever you want, as long as it can export to windows, mac, IOS, Android, and HTML 5

-Lead animators that can animate shorts or maybe make a series with us!

-Background Artist
-Comic Artist
-Game Artist
-Artist for our Art pages

So would you like to join us? If so, send us a message with your skype AND OR discord contact!

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MCQSquare MCQSquare artist / programmer Message looking for artists, voice actors

Hello everyone! Ever since I was an animator, I also wanted to create a game too. I'm planning it to be a "Super Mario World" RPG! I was looking for the people that can do these jobs. No pay is needed. If you want to apply for this, send a link to my email -
Art - I am a sprite animator and I need some pixel backgrounds for my videos. I can't really find the right backgrounds for my videos, so I am looking for someone that REALLY want to do this job. I am looking for someone that can create 16 bit backgrounds.

Voice Acting - I need some people who can imitate Mario characters. Whoever that wants to do this job has a lot of lines.

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groovyguy groovyguy programmer / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hi, I'm a programmer looking to work with others. Paid positions would be preferable, but I'm willing to work for free if the job is right. I've been working with Unity for years and making games in C#. As well as studying other languages such as C++, Java and JavaScript.

Also if you need help making a website, I also study HTML, CSS and PHP. And also been using Wordpress to work with website templates. And I can help make your website happen! Please message me with any potential work opportunities.

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Secretmapper Secretmapper programmer Message looking for artists, musicians

Hi! I'm a professional programmer with years of experience in webdev and gamedev. You can view my portfolio here:

I'm making a very fun and unique puzzle game based on a popular game in the past that has not been rehashed yet, and I believe it can be a big hit if executed right. I already have the main mechanics and even a level editor working, so polish is just the next step!

I'm looking for a collaborator because I really believe in this game and I want someone who I can bounce ideas with as the game can be brimming with personality due to it's mechanics, and can potentially be a huge hit in the casual market.

For reference, the art style that I think will work greatly for the game is something similar to Pudding Monsters and cut the rope (cute vector style)

Also, a great thing about this is if the game works out right we might have the opportunity to fly over to gdc 2017! (Expenses paid!)

I'm an experienced programmer, so you can count on this game being professionally done and not flaking out and becoming unfinished. We also have a tight schedule so feature creep will not be a problem for this game.

Feel free to view my portfolio at Thank you!

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Chad2008 Chad2008 programmer Message looking for programmers

Well i kinda seen JD-Brony, Jonochrome and other people make Point and Click Games, and I Just need to do These:
A Title Screen With Start, Info, Options, Fun Facts, Disclaimer and like 6 rooms, a few items, text dialogs, cut scenes, characters, and credits cutscene, I NEED HELP DESPERETLY

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Luigi-Zaccagnini Luigi-Zaccagnini programmer / musician Message looking for artists, programmers, voice actors, writers

I am currently a freelance musician looking to work on any type of project!
I am open to anything! I do not care if I get paid I just want to be credited for my work!
Here is my soundcloud :
PM me if interested.

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