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4urentertainment 4urentertainment programmer Message looking for artists

I'm looking for an artist to make a game for the next Ludum Dare

PM me if you're up for collaborating on something hopefully new and interesting!

I've been making games for a while. Here's one Ludum Dare game that won #1 in Innovation!

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ClockworkMonster ClockworkMonster artist / programmer Message looking for artists

Hi, my name is Javier and I make games.

I am interested in working with a skilled artist/animator to make a quality game for the Stencyl Jam.

I usually make my own artwork and code, but since I want to try Stencil as a tool for making games, this time I want to focus in learning/coding.

Anyone interested?

Here are some of my works:

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DiamondHengeStudios DiamondHengeStudios programmer / writer Message looking for artists

I'm currently in the proccess of making an action-based RPG called Just Another Story. I need a background artist who can draw concept landscape portraits in an art style EXTREMELY similar to Samurai Jack.


Applicants must send an example or portfolio displaying their best work.
E-mail me at if you are interested and I'll send you more info.

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LukeElchul LukeElchul programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists

Looking to hire/pay an artist for new iPhone App.

Email me at for more details

Art is simplistic. Open to hobbyists and learners


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Petski Petski artist / programmer / writer Message looking for musicians

Hey there! We are currently working on a mobile game, everything is going well but we are looking for a musician. We are just doing this for fun so unfortunately we cannot offer any money, all we can offer is exposure.


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BoredLooney BoredLooney programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists

I'm planning on making a visual novel, but I need someone to do the visual art for me. Please let me know if you are interested.

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sketchysketchist sketchysketchist artist / programmer / voice actor / writer Message looking for voice actors

Looking for female voice actresses.
Not for anything immediate, but for future projects that I probably won't be able to get started on until the summer.

No experience required, but it's preferred that you know the basics of voice acting and know how to make a decent recording.

PM me if you're interested.

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TheSongSalad TheSongSalad programmer / writer Message looking for artists

Hey, I used to program flash games when I was in high school and I'm looking to get back into it b/c I have an undue amount of spare time at the moment. I am capable of getting cc and I'm also thinking about getting cs6 on my own if no one needs cc. I've created several full games before and even a tutorial on actionscript 2.0! My biggest project was Avoidance 3 which was a very fun time to make and was a great learning experience, and you can check it and my other games out on my page. If anyone is interested in working together, please PM me. Thanks.

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drayerees drayerees artist / programmer / voice actor Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

Hey kids! We're still looking for more aspiring artists!! I'm absolutely blown away by the response so far, although all we seem to get offers for, are music and voice actors, which we GREATLY appreciate. In dire need of an additional artist and/or animator as well as a script writer! The rough synopsis is below (think that was the appropriate context).

Journey to a land where Felines have ruled over a peaceful land for generations. Before that, it was split with the massive mythilogical Canine! The great Flufficus III discovered a weapon so powerful, it would drive the Canine from the land.
However there is an evil lurking on the horizon, ready to reclaim it's once sacred land! Join Flufficus XI, Savage, Mousetrel and many others on an exciting adventure to honor ancient pacts, explore ancient tombs and save their land!
If you're interested please drop me a msg on here or Email - !!
Also we have a skeleton website up someone well knowledged in HTML would be awesome!
Thank you much!
-Lee Perrott

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VyerStudios VyerStudios programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists, voice actors

I am a Programmer looking to pay an Artist to design a 2d character sprite. I am coding a top down RPG so I will need the entire spite sheet designed. movements include, moving left, right, up, and down, handing item left, right, up, and down, and gun drawn, left, right, up, and down. More things to come.

I would also like an artist to design some textures for me as well. More additions in the future. This project will be ongoing.
if interested contact me at

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BL00DW0LF5000 BL00DW0LF5000 artist / programmer / musician / voice actor Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

if youv ever done this and bla bla bla and this is bla bla bla and im looking for all talents

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thatOneCoder8 thatOneCoder8 programmer / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I am an indie game dev just starting out, and I have a good idea for a game. PM me or email at

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