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53xy83457 53xy83457 programmer Message looking for artists

Hello. I've been putting together a game that requires a lot of characters. Don't want to give too much away just yet but would you be interested in having your character playable in something like NG-Duelled ( And would you be up for putting a bit of effort in to get them there in return for your name within said game?

Keep in mind that what I've got planned would be constantly updated and would fit better on Facebook or mobiles. It might not appear here on Newgrounds is what I'm saying. Anyway, I'm just collecting names for now so let me know if you might be interested.

- Dan

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DFerociousbeast DFerociousbeast artist / programmer / voice actor Message looking for musicians

Hey I'm a musician who makes a wide variety of music from heavy metal, indie, electronica, ambient, and much more. I have a lot of music on my NG profile that you may use at your disposal with the only condition being that you credit me in some way. More info here Thank you for your time.

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Filarius Filarius programmer Message looking for programmers

C# / Unity Tutor / collaber needed.
Hello, i`m hobbist developer and sometimes make small applications for myself on Windows platform (mostly).
I have idea to learn making simple applications for Web on Unity + C#, not so about 2D/3D graphics but I have ideas here too.
I do not have expirience exactly in C#, but I had short tryes in different languages and have knowladge in various algorithms and mathimatic. Long time coding on Delphi.
This why I`m looking for person who will take me to collab and will be my tutor in Unity3D + C#

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L-55 L-55 programmer Message looking for artists

Looking for a very good artist, that will make a characters for my new game. It needs to be very detailed and realistic effects. Artist who collab with me in Game Project will just PM me. Price for best character draw is a huge credit to him and Company name of Game will have its name in it. Example. com.artistname.l55

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benjachok benjachok programmer Message looking for artists

hello every one i looking for a artist for draw character for my game because my game is not fun if not have a good art i'm bad at drawing i want some artist for help.

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AnusMcGucket AnusMcGucket artist / programmer / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

Hello People
I am a Game developer and I am looking for other Great programmers, Musicians and Writers.
Please message me if you wanna help out you will be given a lot of credit for the game :3

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AkeemP AkeemP artist / programmer / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm looking for some people to collaborate with in making a simple game. I can do art as well as program however I'd like to do a bit of learning as well in order to learn from others how video games come together.

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DragonGamesStudio DragonGamesStudio programmer Message looking for artists

I am a as3 programmer and i make mobile game with starling air.
I really want to find a artist to work together.
My games:

Thanks,looking for your messages.

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RenOokami RenOokami artist / programmer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians

I am looking for small projects to contribute at, and artists who can't program to help them making simple games. Since it is my first call on NG, this month I'll work on beginners projects in priority, mostly as training to work in random teams.

If you call me for programing: I work mostly on Construct_2, so these are HTML5 projects. Platformer, Shooter, interactive movie, dress-up, or any other type of game, I adapt myself to your concepts, in the limits of what I know of the program.

If called on a project for graphics: I can animate sprites starting on a base you provide, while you can focus on creating other contents for the game. In this side of the work see me as an assistant who saves you precious time, not a lead artist.

Note that I do not work on both sides in a same project, exept for minor graphical editions and framing needed to fit the programation of ingame animations, when I am in charge of it. You can contact me by PMs or on deviantArt. Don't be shy even if your project is not conventional or not "good enough", I'm not allergic to most themes and I'll help as training session.


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SonicWolfie SonicWolfie artist / programmer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

hia! i am looking for a flash animator who can help me animate some sonic stuff, if you need more info please facebook message me or PM me on here!

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BlueWolfDevelopment BlueWolfDevelopment artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for writers

Do you have a good game idea but don't know how to program? Or do you know how to program but still want to team up to make an awesome game? Contact us!

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PurePropalm PurePropalm programmer Message looking for artists, musicians

Hi, Im PurePropalm. I'm looking for people to help me with my game I am currently developing. I have a currently tight budget and cant afford to pay ATM but if you want to work for free I'm more than willing to colaberate with you. If my game does make a decent amount of money I will be paying the people in the credits!

PM me and we will get started!
I will be assigning fairly large jobs because of the lack of people helping me.

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Wad1m Wad1m programmer Message looking for programmers

Will code for free ( pay me when NG pays you )

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