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DFerociousbeast DFerociousbeast artist / programmer / voice actor Message looking for musicians

Hey I'm a musician who makes a wide variety of music from heavy metal, indie, electronica, ambient, and much more. I have a lot of music on my NG profile that you may use at your disposal with the only condition being that you credit me in some way. More info here Thank you for your time.

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Sushin00 Sushin00 programmer / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

I'm looking to make a short game with someone or a small group of people from the ground up, idea and all. I'm mainly a programmer and designer but I'm capable of filling in all voids on a team, including music and art. What I want from you before you contact me is evidence of previously completed projects. That's all. They don't have to be good per se, I just want to see that you finished something.
Some other things. The game has to be 3D and developed in Unity (doesn't necessarily mean 2D art is out of the question). The game idea WILL be built from the ground up based on my capabilities as a programmer (or yours), and what we want to do and want to get out of the project. If you think you're going to come to me with your game idea for me to program, you're going to be disappointed. I'm doing this for free because I want to work on a side project with other people that can turn into an impressive portfolio piece. Don't be shy if you think you're bad. What matters is that you have enough dedication to finish the project with me and are willing to improve.
Please contact me if you're interested!

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romdtb romdtb programmer Message looking for artists

Hey guys, wanted to share with you my latest work, of the new game im building, is a time management/gamedev story like game. you can find the initial state of the game engine bellow, its a raw shape so dont be to harsh on it, there a few little bugs, but not big ones, however im pretty satisfied with the progress in the current state, since i made it in like 10 minutes thanks to Construct2.

see Demo(

im looking for graphic artists, those who want to join, when the game will be finished, i intend to publish it and submit it to the game jam 2015 that still accepts game submissions till July 15 that was brought to my attention by Festival Stras topic [], there for you see why is important to have some sort of graphics to it, so its looking more professional then what i currently have.

Thanks to Mr. @DarrenCurtis the soundtrack is covered you can see his amazing work here ->

we just added a new member to the team, a great audio artist, that has the skills we where looking for we need a young talented graphic artist that can complete a project and not quit after 2 hrs . please let me know if you interested you can also contact me at skype id

you can reply to me on newgrounds account or on my email at zgaagz [at] gmail [dot] com

investors or publishers that want to support the game development are always welcome.

Thanks for reading this!

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IPSBLT IPSBLT programmer / musician Message looking for artists

Hi,i'm looking for an artist which is interested in pixel arts.I need some sprites for my first game,so if you are interested please pm me.Since this is my first game,i must say that we might not make money,so i can't really pay you if we don't;but of course you'll be credited in the game :).

I'll give you more details when you pm me.So please,help me,and have a nice day XD!!!

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NarutoAE NarutoAE programmer Message looking for artists, musicians, voice actors, writers

HI!!! I'm NarutoAE(Lucas) and I'm an ActionScript 3.0 Coder!!!
I'm looking to collaborate with anyone who has an idea for a game or whatever,
I work for free since I want to develop my skill as a coder and just to get something awesome on my portfolio!! :D
I am dedicated and will work as hard as I can, putting the project before myself,
Note: That if we can't get a prototype running in about a few weeks time you're probably doing something wrong!!

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JoeBrock JoeBrock programmer / writer Message looking for artists

Hey, so if you're an artist interested in maybe making a game in about a month from now, please PM me and we can talk about a collab. I don't have any current ideas right now, but if you're good enough, if you name your price then there is the possibility we could be talking some cash.

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DeathrayDieDie DeathrayDieDie artist / programmer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians


We are two dudes, an artist and a programmer looking for committed team mates to share the challenge of making games!
Or if you feel like to have us participating in your projects, that would be cool too!

Message us through:

And here is our latest game (we made it in 5 days more or less):

Here are our portfolios:

For now, we want people to work with in game jams to test our skills and bond with our team mates.
What we are looking for in our possible team mates? People with the willingness to take the role of:

Technical artist
level designer
2D/3D artist or animator

we need a communicative problem solver, who is conscious about their weaknesses,
who is not afraid to speak their mind, and when facing obstacles, won't be afraid to ask for help too.


Experience in any of the areas above
Experience in developing games
Experience with unity or unreal
Knowing C# or C++ and OOP principles

So message us and let's have a good time!

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kylepp00 kylepp00 artist / programmer / musician / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

Won't let me delete this post so just ignore it.

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blit-blat blit-blat programmer Message looking for artists

I have several games built that need a designer to throw some quality art work at. Any ad revenue/sponsorship income would be split 50/50.

The games are a puzzle slider game, a creature building game and idle game. If any of these sound interesting to you, or you've got your own idea for a game, please get in touch!

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AydeeEssar AydeeEssar programmer / musician / writer Message looking for musicians, voice actors

Hi Folks. I am a guitarist exploring the world of electronic music, especially Psytrance/Goa and Rap Beats, and I would like to expand my abilities in mixing and mastering. My own rapping skills are rather poor, so I am currently looking for someone who would like to try to rap over one of my beats. I just uploaded "Coal" to wich you can listen for reference. It is written in a standard 16-bar-scheme, so if you got some nice lyrics but are lacking a deep and heavy beat, you might try this one. If you like it, I could provide you with beats on a regular basis. I can also do the final mixdown and mastering, so If you record your main track and some backup vocals, I can mix 'em together to make them sound even tighter.
Check it out!

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TheArcadeGamerBros TheArcadeGamerBros artist / programmer / musician / voice actor / writer Message looking for artists, programmers, musicians, voice actors, writers

so yeah basicly were a group of 15 yr olds that have fun all the time and we chat and also we play games multiplayer on steam
and like to draw/animate and stuff like that so if you guys wanna be part of the group send me a message and your skypename

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PotatoMasha PotatoMasha artist / programmer Message looking for artists

Searching for artists! You Get 30% revenue.
I have finished an android game and published it, everything works fine except for 1 problem: It looks and sounds like crap. This is why I need someone who can re-texture the simple game. I can have multiple people re-texture the game differently to publish the re-textures as new games (With different addons and variations of course, I don't like posting crap). If you do a GOOD JOB and it doesn't look like a waste of time I will get it published as a new game. If this does happen you should support it as much as possible (Facebook: Hey I made the art in "BlahBlahBlah", you should try it!). Just try and get it around however feels right.

ARTISTS: If you accept the offer I will send you a template with the sprite/image sizes and the images I currently have horribly drawn. The game is small and mostly there is this stuff: Background, 8 Player Costumes (Circles), a button, button icons, 5 achievements, a gem, 2 textured small parallax backgrounds, and an icon. ICON being MOST IMPORTANT as this basically determines whether people will want the game in the first place. Be sure to be smart about the icon!

REVINUE: First, for the game to make money it needs to NOT LOOK TERRIBLE! If it doesn't look fabulous and amazing or stand out in some way then it will probably end up making $0. However if it does succeed then I will give you 30% of the games profits. Please pm me for how you want to get payed BEFORE you start. I can use PayPal also.
Note: I use Chartboost in the app for revenue so I only get payed every $75 so until I get the money I won't be able to pay you.

Here is a link to the current ugly app now:
Please PM me for any concerns or questions. If you want to suggest something to add on to it on the coding side (like adding particles or a scrolling background), don't be shy.

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