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Pico Day Winners & Construct 3 Jam

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Response to Pico Day Winners & Construct 3 Jam 2017-05-15 15:36:14 Reply

At 5/15/17 03:29 PM, foamymuffin wrote:
At 5/15/17 08:41 AM, TomFulp wrote:
At 5/14/17 12:28 AM, foamymuffin wrote: Congrats to the winners, it was really fun working on that pico day piece. it was also cool seeing tom playing a my little pony fan game.
Woah you made that game? It's under an alt I guess?
no i did not make that game lol. i guess you mistook the name my little pony as in i made it. if i did i'd be man enough to put it on my account

Oh doi yeah I misread that.

This is the game JohnnyUtah, Spazkid and I have been working on.

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