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This is a waltz nuero DNB, 6/8 & 3/4 rhythms.

Pico Day, 2017
"Participate by making an animation, game, art or music based on an original character you've found here on Newgrounds. Tag it with "picoday2017" and upload it on Sunday, April 30th!"
-Tom Fulp

This track is about Tank, the vehicle in the NG logo that rolls along forever and runs over everything in it's path. Tank also has a cannon that if you understand pythagoreum theorum can apparently smite bitches.

I did a 9/4 DNB back in 2011 so if this is your kind of music:


If this is NOT your kind of music:



This gave off a real Tsuneo Imahori feel! Great job!! I love the build up to the drop!

Quarl responds:

Never heard of him, nor have I watched Trigun but from what Im listening to right now, I will gladly accept this as a compliment ^·^

Another uniquely refreshing and intelligently adorable one, if I do say so. ^_^ And perfect dialogue for a tank!

Quarl responds:

Thanks Bwe! <3

Math isn't my forte, so if it was one that pythagoreum theorum pun went straight over my head, but the DnB definitely got into it. Not as heavy as I'd expected, but creatively punchy, and picturing Tank growling along pounding pellets at whatever's in his way makes it a pretty cool trip. Refreshingly different round of DnB! Happy late Pico Day!


Quarl responds:

Oh trust me, I also suck at math.

Mmmh, cool , might be repetitive but not less good.The melody is very simple,but i like it.

And, to honestly, the drop freaked me out!

Quarl responds:

lol, the melody is literally just nonharmonic piano chords made up of half step intervals and atonal reese stabs. The string melody was three notes. Glad you liked it though Isaac. This kind of music is usually hated on pretty hard :)

Doesn't sound really bad, I eventually enjoyed
listening to the drums, but the reversive sound
kinda gets repetitive over time
you can change that by adding a impulsive snare
to increase the atmosphere of the song.
Overall, it isn't really bad.
I like the funky feeling it gives!
I give it a 4/5 or a 9/10! Great Job!

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Quarl responds:

thanks! kind of funny you found the backwards snare more obnoxious than that guy going "OOF" the whole time :)

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Apr 30, 2017
8:47 AM EDT
Drum N Bass
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