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Triumphal Entry


Author Comments

Was going through the history of the portal recently, and the ending of Tarboy proposed an interesting question: what would a return be like?

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Absolutely amazing song. Contrary to a few people, I found the 1:08 chaotic section stunning. I'm not fluent in electronic music, but the high-frequency, buzzing instrument was that was playing an arpeggio seemed to cut out too suddenly at that section; however, that hardly downplays how well-made this was.

Phonometrologist responds:

Thank you for commenting. Much obliged.


So this was a slow start but I still found it to be good I do think this should have a faster build up and more improved quality but honestly you have some good sounds here and hope you make more like this one, I had fun reviewing this and hope to review more of your work sometime.

some added faster pace more faster build up sooner.


Great, reminds me a lot of the TRON soundtrack or OVERWERK's style. The transition at 1:15 sounded a bit sloppy to me, but I think that may be a matter of opinion. Nice work :D

Phonometrologist responds:

I had to look up Overwerk was and I think he's interesting enough. I appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to comment. In regards to the "transition," you're maybe right. My intention wasn't to make a "transition" but rather just to create a mess.
First thought, best thought. And I thought F-IT!
Music sometimes shouldn't be approached from a calculated mindset, but rather is destined to break free from conventional thought!!

Doesn't get much more triumphant than this! Was expecting less, really. I love the build-up. Somber, promising, sort and soon almost psychedelically frantic, the angelic voices, the synth, the final push and then... it all fades out. Can see the potential for this being used in a ton of submissions! Hope it does. Don't think I'd class it as a loop though, as it feels like a very finite piece.


Phonometrologist responds:

Thank you Cyberdevil for stopping by to give your thoughts about it. In regards to looping it, I just wanted the ending to transition well to the beginning since most people prefer to have a loop on their own submissions-- wanted to make it accessible. Worth the experiment anyway.
Good descriptive points given.

I like the contrasting textures at the beginning. It has an even underlying rhythm, yet a pulse that gives it a subtle bite. The entry of the chords at :40 was somewhat unwarranted, although I did like how they meshed with the effects in the background. The jarring tempo change at 1:10 threw me off a bit, admittedly, but the sound design in this piece remains excellent throughout. I love the vocals. I think you could stand to flesh this out a little more and really capitalize on the cinematic mood you've set up here, but as it is this is an enjoyable piece, and a surprisingly good loop I might add. Keep up the good work, Phonometrologist. ;)

Phonometrologist responds:

Thanks for stopping by TL. The "entry of the chords" is treated more like a surprise. Even I didn't think it had much logic to transition to that other than to treat this piece to have a "here I am!" part. The jarring tempo change at 1:10 and later is really just my attempt to break free from the fetters of "epic" music and commercial principles being treated as background music behind a visual. And I think I got bored for a second. When it comes to musical journaling, I would most likely have "fleshed out" certain sections for a smoother/logical transition.

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4.38 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2017
3:42 PM EDT
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2 min 23 sec

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