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Does NG write poetry?

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Does NG write poetry? 2013-01-06 11:45:40 Reply

Heya, self-proclaimed poet here, wondering if anyone else writes poetry. If anyone's interested, I'll show you mine if you show me yours.
So to speak.
One of my more favorite ones (I hate everything I write):


It's one step forward,
18 in the past,
I take things hard,
I hope that won't last,
If I had more courage,
cared less about people,
Maybe I'd love myself,
Not give into evil,
Eyes tick frantically,
Fingers always twitch,
My mind flails manically,
I count my intellect rich,
It's all a wall,
This stone facade,
Bringing on the fall,
Of one once thought god,
It wasn't the woman,
It wasn't his wealth,
It was what he hadn't thought,
It was only himself,
Midas chose to step down,
Too little too late,
The king now a clown,
A victim of fate,
Or was he this hour,
the butt of the joke,
His situation dour,
His life up in smoke,
Freedom was his,
To reclaim her anew,
and realizing this,
Like an eagle,
He flew.

So, yeah.

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Response to Does NG write poetry? 2013-01-12 03:58:03 Reply

I've never really been a fan of rhyme schemes.

But overall not bad.

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Response to Does NG write poetry? 2013-01-22 21:05:27 Reply

Once upon a time,
In the town of Fort Knox,
There was a queer man
Who never wore socks.

It made his feet smell
But he just didn't care
So they made him wear sandals
so his feet would be aired.

But that didn't help
'cause when summer came through,
The stench did return
and caused the panic anew.

They demanded he change
so at last he gave in
but when they next saw him
They made a WORSE din.

"We cannot accept this...
It's a crime against fashion,

They called up the judges
and he was sentenced to jail
And they passed a new law
to prevent further travail.

So when you visit Fort Knox
Wear your boots, shoes or crocs,
But they'll throw you in jail
If you wear sandals and socks!

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Response to Does NG write poetry? 2013-02-05 00:45:36 Reply

Here's a couple of short verses


And so the thinker sits alone
Incased in weathered stone
Forever meant to sit where
Our greedy eyes do stare


Snow flows from the speakers
As soft as rabbits whiskers

Silence falls like a warm blanket
Slowly putting me to sleep

I looked at the sun and was blinded
I looked at the moon and was thrown
I looked at you
And I don't even know who you are