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'Vehement,' by Modem

From the artist:

"I've been working on this album for the past three years, long and overdue mostly as a result of my laziness. I remember working on a track back then with a humorous vocal sample of my girlfriend singing about the comfortable life of a tiger in the wild. Or within the confinements of a zoo. Either way, the track derailed and became "What It Feels Like to Discover&" I learned that I was actually capable of producing something closer to my emotions unlike anything I've done before, and I decided I wanted to take the rest of my work from that point forward in the same direction. I wanted to finally publish something I wouldn't be embarrassed to share later, something that can accurately convey my feelings and personality. Hopefully you'll enjoy this album, and maybe even feel moved by it, because I've done everything for it to the best of my judgment to keep it on a straight track from the very core of my personal life.

Vehement is the first album released under Sunwarped Records, a fresh local label in Phoenix run by Terminal11. There are ten tracks total, with a running time of 41:57. Printing was joint-funded by myself and Sunwarped with an initial order of 50 discs. Album photography was done by Alley Maerki."

Track listing:
01 / Remembering How I Got Here (1:45)
02 / Three-Year-Old Slug (4:03)
03 / Aging Brick, Crumbling Mortar (4:30)
04 / Progression of Personal Insecurities (3:34)
05 / Winter's Debilitating Grip (Extended Consequences) (3:09)
06 / Flies Feeding on Dead and Rotting Bone Marrow (4:54)
07 / What It Feels Like to Discover Why I Shouldn't Have Trusted You (4:26)
08 / Unreliable (3:15)
09 / Severance (5:58)
10 / Immeasurable Tensity (6:19)

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