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Signed 'Super Meat Boy' Comic

A 12-page comic from the creators of Super Meat Boy?

That's right, kids! Originally created to hand out in London as a "press announcement", this 12-page comic book can be yours today! Chock full of original art, puzzles, crafts, comics and a redacted fact sheet, each booklet is autographed by Edmund with special love doodles.

From the back cover of this unique press kit:

"I want YOU to tell everyone about Super Meat Boy! Seriously folks! We are but two humble men living off what scraps "the man" feeds us. Without $$$ we dont' have the ability to manipulate the masses through media like the big boys do... that's why we need your help! Spread the word of Meat Boy! Go to"

Keep an eye out for Super Meat Boy coming to the Nintendo Wii next year.

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