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Three NG Posters in one convenient pack

Isn't Edward Cullen dreamy? Don't you just love gazing at the poster of him holding Bella in his arms? He's so tormented, isn't he? He wants to love a human girl, but he can't, because his vampire tendencies might cause him to hurt her. It really makes you think.

No matter how much you love Twilight, the fact remains that you're going to be turning 12 next year and your parents are finally going to let you out of the house without the football helmet. Now that you've trained yourself to stop smearing your feces on the walls, you're going to need some big-kid posters to go along with your newfound maturity. Why not some Newgrounds posters? They feature artwork from our 2009 and 2010 calendars, along with a completely new design from JohnnyUtah. They may not sparkle in the sunlight, but they say "Look at me world! I don't need to be kept in a cage in the basement anymore!"

You can inspect and nit-pick each of the designs in the Art Portal, but don't you dare ask about ordering any of them individually. Sold only as a 3-pack that includes:

Super Action Danger Hawks
Ultra Demon Cannibal Force
Graveyard Shift

Price break-down: One 3-pk for $15 | Two 3-pk for $20 | Three 3-pk for $24

Item Total: $8.00

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