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You! Yes, you there, floating in that swimming pool full of meatloaf. Yes, we're sure it feels very nice to have the meatloaf oozing over your naked body. But tell us, has your meatloaf pool ever rescued a sentient band aid? Has it ever leaped up walls like a superhero and brought hours of joy to users around the world? No, it hasn't. It just sits there, silently collecting dirt and dead squirrels. And what kind of special meatloaf recipe calls for barrels full of hair and fingernails? None that we've ever seen. And let not even get into the fact that the PH and acidity levels are atrocious. For God's sake, buy some Meat Boy stickers to put on the pool filter so that the whole thing doesn't look like a complete failure.

Price break-down: 1-10 @ 75¢ ea. | 11-50 @ 60¢ ea. | 51+ @ 50¢ ea.

Item Total: $0.75

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