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Hip-Hop Competition 2010 Double Album

It's Newgrounds' first hip-hop album, with two discs and 30 tracks!

In 2010 a pack of Newgrounds' finest gathered 'round to battle in the first Newgrounds Hip Hop Competition. Artists battled head-to-head in the MC Knock Out, producers were given sample kits to cut up and slice in sample battles, producers and emcees paired up to tag team some comps, and artists were invited for an '80s hip-hop-themed art contest.

After just under a month of ferocious hip-hopping a select few remained victorious. Contest organizer BigRed teamed up with art contest winner BizarroJoe and turned the winning submissions into a full-fledged two-disc album! All profits generated in selling this album will go towards future prizes for the next competition.

So, if you really dig the tracks, help support the next competition by buying the album!

NGHH Comp Results
NGHH Art Competition

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