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NG Art Portal Calendar 2011

So you wanted to do something special for Pico Day, but you got the date mixed up with another special occasion and showed up at your grandmother's funeral dressed like Nene. And how about that time you showed up for Lamaze classes six months after your wife gave birth? As if the fact that the baby isn't yours isn't awkward enough. Surely, there must be a way to keep track of important dates.

Now there is. Newgrounds has released a calendar for 2011, and unlike those other companies' calendars this one has all the months and days in it. And that's not all. Did you know that most of the animals in animal calendars are in fact taxidermied? It's true. So instead of bumming yourself out by looking at pictures of dead animals every month, look at some Newgrounds artwork instead.

You check out the calendar artwork here, the artwork that didn't quite make it also there, and you used to be able to check out a really gross picture at but now it's just this ad for some email service. What's up with that?

But we digress, this is mainly about the calendar.

[ For those of you who want a better look at the poster art, check it out in the Art Portal. ]

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