Reviews for "Blam Another Day"

Nice, dude!

It was a pretty awesome movie. It met my expectations and that was pretty high. I'm so glad I finally saw it after you telling me about it. Anyways, THe only problem I had with it was that the sound kept changing volume. A way you can stop that is to go into the sound editor and lower the bar to bring the volume down on the music and/or sound FX, thats is, if you are using Flash MX. Other than that I think that is up there with the best of the Clock Crew movies. I'll look forward to more of your animations. Peace out! :)

That was great!!

Wow, that was an amazing flash. Great job!!!! Please make another like it.

fuck all u clock haters

the clocks kik ass..whats wrong with u ppl..they own newgrunds.without the clocks..where would we be..i give it a 10


i am now a beliver of the clock............

not bad

i was praying for cokes death,can't stand the stuff..haha..but other than that not a bad piece of work..