Reviews for "Blam Another Day"


This looked so simple in terms of Art, but it was so captivating. I have so many questions for you. Keep up the great work. This inspires me to do something, only, I'm still learning.


That was freakin awesome! I don't usually like any of the clock movies made here on Newgrounds, and I have to say that that is the 1st that I truly can say I liked. :-p Maybe because it's based on a great movie, who knows. :-) *~Bri~*

awesome, man

ingore te noobs

they should die


Well done man, i really respect you because though your only 13 man youve done a really fuckin good job and deserve your name as a clock. Keep up the good work

Loved it

I loved this movie...I hope ya make more despite you sayin this was the end