Reviews for "Scorching the Evil Snowman"

Scary...nice work.

Someone commented below and made it sound like this isn't an original. Please verify whether or not that is true. If not, fantastic job! This is one of the coolest drawings I have ever seen. The minus a half star is just because the snow and the arms kind of merge. The carrot, hat, and buttons are not a part of him so it's just a little inconsistent. If I could have given it 4.99 stars I would have because this is just awesome.

Jackaloftrades responds:

Those people can make any claims they want. The same project is under the same deviantart name. Jackaloftrades. The idea might not be too original but the project sure as hell is mine.

Now there's an idea for a badass monster movie

More like a liqiud ooze monster, and that skeleton adds a new element of creepy to this

Haven't I seen this before somewhere?