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Reviews for "Digimon Fans are Really Hot"

A BizarroJoe's Wet Dream.

[The setting: some generic comic con in a place unknown. BizarroJoe is scribbling some doodles in a huge paper hanged in a wall for public use. And he's doing it like ass, as usual.)
AgumonGirl: Hey, you make cute drawings!!!
BizarroJoe: ?!? ...And you're in an Agumon costume....!
AG: My!!! You like DigiMon?!?
BJ: "Like"...? Dammit, girl; I LOVE DigiMon! DigiMon Adventures was an amazing TV series... Great characters designs, terrific critters... And how can you not love a series that starts like any generic kiddie show a-la-"Power Rangers" and ends like "Evangelion"? And Zero-Two was a terrific sequel! And Tamers and Frontier were also really cool! Data Squad's not so good... But it's OK, I guess...
AG: Kyaaa <3... So You REALLY care!
BJ: Yeah, I'm still a bit crazy about DigiMon... I even bought some of the gadgets and I have many chibi figurines at my place, even some hard-to-find ones and...
AG: REALLY?!? Can I see them?
BJ: ?!? What, the figurines? Well, as I told you they're at my place and...
AG: Then, let's go!
BJ: To my place?!
AG: YES!!!
BJ: (Heck, I must be crazy. A stranger in my house. I'll be lucky if I don't get clubbed and robbed today.)

[Now, there's one of those sudden changes of place and time that feel natural when in dreams, but don't make any fuckin' sense when you really think about' em. DON'T YOU ACT AS IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.]

BJ: Well, here we are, my room...
AG: Aaaah... So here's where the "magic" works... *tee-hee*
BJ: Yes, here's where I do my drawings... Make yourself at home... Those figures must be in one of these drawers...
AG: My, isn't getting hot in here...?
BJ: In october and with the heating off? I don't think so... Ah, here they are! MagnaAngemon, Angewomon, MetalEtemon, GranKuwagamon... And the star of my collection: A MarineDevimon! Here, have a look, check theEEEESSsseee...
[Look the picture again]

[Have you REALLY read all this bulk of text?!]
[And now you're expecting sex? What did you think is this, a copy-pasted porn story ?!? Who do you think am I, a fucking net troll?!?]

Tootmania responds:

You crazy person and your crazy sex fantasies! Romance doesn't work that way! Unless its, like, with a hooker or something.

Thanks for the story though!

Real hot

Nice job man, your anatomy is to be admired. What i can never get over is your fantastic line. I honestly must know your secret lol.

Tootmania responds:

I just do all the inking with the pen tool in Photoshop! It's nothing special. And thanks for the kind words!

Great Art

I love this one of my favs!

at a glance

her right arm sleeve looks like a 3rd breast haha

nice pic

like the suit she has on though