Reviews for "Digimon Fans are Really Hot"

I love Digimon

cool digimon was my favorite show

Tootmania responds:

Digimon, while conceptually inferior to Pokemon, did have a much better television show. Thanks for commenting!


i dont favorite think kind of art but im a fan of digimon finally theres some actual digimon art her



Great Art

I love this one of my favs!

It is cute

WOW this was pretty damn good, you are very "BOLD" you showed lots of "SKIN" in this one but i suppose that was sorta the idea but you did dress here up abit it is a her i think lol, but anyways onto the review, the character design was very welldone almost perfect, there was alot of skin but i like how you dont really show much of what would be "RAUNCHY" but anyways good design good colors also nice job on the shadow just there on the back of the shirt it reflected well, you also presented us with some good backrounds, all and all you have some awsome skills that really brought out a unique character with awsome shades and details, if anything could work even better i would give the "EYE" on the head piece a bit of a "GLOW" it would set it just perfect i think, maybe even have someone peeking an eyefull in the backround hehe, ohwell nice job here

put a glow effect on the eyeball on the head piece, and maybe have another character in the backround peeking an eyefull or something


Tootmania responds:

Thanks for the neato review! And that's actually a cool idea, the whole glowing eyeball helmet thing. And thanks for the kind words!