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Reviews for "Cecil VS. Link"

I like Cecil, but I like Link MORE!

Link and Cecil are my favorite rpg characters but Link is the superior one. He's been in many sequals. Cecil is cool but he has only been in FF2 and Secret of Evermore. I liked it.


Nice one goldcrow my fav was when sephy came out cuase they were dissing your mad animation skill lol
good flash dude

go cecil!!!!

cecil rulez he desreved to win but the dancing banana????? the song was funny but why the banana i feel sorry for it >.< links ending was funny i call it......ATTACK OF THE HEAD EATING CHICKENS!!!!!!!! anyway the netire movie rulez welldone!!! ^_^

it was funny,mainly because of Cecil's Ending...

It was okay.funny too...and it made it interesting knowing that there are three different endings you can get.The peanut butter jelly time ending was really funny,and link's was okay.But the "???" ending was a little overdone,but thats still cool.anyways it was a pretty good movie,so...yah...

= ]

that was funny!1 nice penutbutterjelly time song.