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Reviews for "Cecil VS. Link"

Wow, I have seriously never seen a sprite version of Sephiroth before. It seems like such an obvious thing! Anyway, this is great if only because of the multiple endings. I really do appreciate seeing Banana Man. We haven't seen him here in awhile. Of course, we rarely see sprites here anymore!

I'm glad to have all these options. I'm becoming more familiar with the "Final Fantasy" characters. They're just so popular here! They're so popular in general, I just have to known more. The audio was great too.


you shoulda made it so on cecils ending this happens
banana:its peanut butter jelly time.etc
cecil:ok thats enough
banana continues
cecil:damn it, go back to the gay happy land you come from banana!!
cecil:god damn it im going to end this
cecil slices bananas head off...fin

that would be funny to see

o god not SEPHEROTH



SINCE WHEN DOES CECIL KNOW OFFENSE MAGIC? Sorry, I've only played FF2 (when cecil first came in btw) and in that one, he turns into a pally near the start and can only use healing magic, but, in the start as a dark knight he can't use ANY magic, and the only char that could summon in FF2 was Rydia.... So I'm sorry if I am wrong but how could he use firaga? Still awsome vid...

links ending was better

seiously cecils ending was completely stupid links was waaay better