Reviews for "THE Doom Remix"

I wonder which one is stolen...

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/92043

jrayteam6 responds:

Dude... come on. Read the f'in description. Both Hating4AM's and mine specifically say who did what. You take the time to write this on both of our pages, and zero them, while basically accusing one of us of stealing music, and dont even bother to read the description of the track?


this music is badddddddddddd assssssssssss love it

Dude.. woah...

God i love this song, it's old school but it's not... ( weird ). well anyway your remix rocks. Doom 1 and 2 rock but doom 3 for the xBox and the PC is too realistic it's nothing like the old ones. to top it all off. ROCK ON DWADE! ( oops wrong story.. oh well)

NICE. (More than)

It is an awesome remix/blend of the tracks of the videogame.
Good job! 5/5

(I like Doom very much, but DooM3 and RoE have disappointed me.)


i agree with you goldenguy, doom forever