Reviews for "THE Doom Remix"


Interesting remix. It even includes the intro to Impend from Halo 2. Did you use FL Studio for this mix? (i swear the FL Slayer plugin is all over this song.) Some good variations on the classic Doom greatness.

jrayteam6 responds:

Yeah, every bit of this is Slayer 1, its one of my more crunchier engines, this particular one sacrifices guitar dynamics in general for speed and variation, where as some of my other ones are a bit more realistic. Glad you enjoyed it. Hating4AM did an amazing job on his half.

What the fuck Billtog?

That was just stupi and a waist of your finger power to type that.
jray, I like it. Did it come from the classic Doom or Doom 2?

jrayteam6 responds:

Thanks man, I coulnt ell you where it came from, these are just some of the themes that me and Hating4AM liked, and we rebuilt and revamped them from the ground up.


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jrayteam6 responds:

Uhh, without sounding gay, its out pleasure.

They're both ours Mr.Pathfinder born in 1985...

Lol pathfinder1985 is pretty retarded. I actually thought the link was broken until I noticed the space. Stupid me >.>..... Ah well I took the time to make a new login to correct him and myself. Also thank you ZachyTurner.


This was fucking amazing. Don't listen to that douche who doesn't read track descriptions.

jrayteam6 responds:

Hah, thanks man, check out Hating4AM for more of this stuff.